Insights from Master Doors Canada   Your solid wood front door is stronger than steel. But a locking system is essential to securing your home from unwanted visitors. Entry door locks are available in several styles, and we’ve summarized the features of each to help you choose the option that fits your style and budget.    Traditional Entry Doorknob Locks Many doorknobs have a locking system that provides easy-to-install, affordable security. You can find doorknob locks in various styles and finishes. 

  • Pro Tip: Combining an entry doorknob lock with a deadbolt significantly improves security. 

  Accessible Lever Handle Locks Lever handle locks need little force to rotate, making them easier to use, especially if you need a solution for someone with disabilities. Many options are keyless, requiring you only to push or twist a button to unlock the door. The design of lever handle door locks adds style to your entryway.

  • Pro Tip: Consider a lever handle set that includes a thumb turn lock and a deadbolt. 

  Standard Deadbolt Door Locks Deadbolts are one of Canada’s most well-known locking systems that provide effective, affordable, reliable security for exterior doors. The internal locking mechanism uses a key to slide a metal bolt into the entry door jam.

  • Pro Tip:  Check out both single-and double-cylinder models, and if you partner with an exterior door manufacturer, confirm they’ll pre-drill your door for easy deadbolt installation. 

  Technology-Driven Keyless Door Locks The lock for a keyless entry system is a deadbolt that operates with a mechanical or wireless opening method.

  • A mechanical keyless entry requires you to program a security code onto a keypad to open the lock. When you enter the correct code, the bolt slides out of the door jam. 
    • Pro Tip: Avoid using easy-to-guess entry codes like your address.
  • Wireless or ‘smart’ entry systems use an app on your mobile phone. You can generate hundreds of passcodes, customizing them for temporary, scheduled, or permanent access. Some smart systems include fingerprint entry, while others use a sensor that unlocks the door after detecting your phone.  
    • Pro Tip: If you aren’t tech-savvy, smart entry systems may not be worth the price. And try not to lose your phone! 

  Powerful Mortise Door Locks Mortise locking systems fit within a hollow section on the side of the entry door. The structure of mortise locks is more secure than traditional cylindrical locks, and options are available in aesthetically appealing finishes and designs. You can also select a dual cylinder style that allows you to lock the door from inside and outside. You get 24-hour protection with a door that needs a key to open from the outside and a latch to open inside your home.

  • Pro Tip: Partner with a professional who has the expertise to handle the complexity of installing a mortise door lock.

Not sure which lock to choose for your exterior doors? Talk to our team at Master Doors.