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Exterior doors in Canada at Master Doors are made with particular attention to detail. Are you looking for an exterior door to suit your lifestyle, design, taste and budget? Our services in making double exterior doors are framed by a balance and symmetry, which play an important role in achieving a well-designed space. From modern doors to classic wood front doors, there is a door for every taste.

Modern Exterior Doors Canada

Our modern exterior doors are made with the latest trends in solid wood designs in mind. Modern doors can be made according to your own preferences and designs. It is a balance of durability with aesthetics to create a visually appealing, yet strong and stable construction for your building or home. The colour choices are endless and you have the option to choose from the latest, eye-popping colour scheme and even have exterior doors with glass options.

Traditional Exterior Doors Canada

An oldie but goldie! Our traditional front doors in Canada are legendary for their long-lasting appeal. Whether you’re looking for a clean, classic wooden exterior door or a cozy carriage house design, you will find the right material and design for your space. We use only the most sturdy materials consisting of a variety of the best quality wood, which is FSC approved. Choose between red and white oak, mahogany, walnut and the like for double exterior doors and more.

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Open your home and your world to endless possibilities with our exterior pre-hung solid wood door systems, interior doors and wine cellar doors. Master Doors has hundreds of standard options to choose from in a variety of wood species, sizes and glass options. We have everything from decorative double entrance doors and double wood front doors to French doors. If you can’t find something that appeals to you, then you can create your own custom, one-of-a-kind door. With so many choices to choose from, why look any further? Browse through our website for the latest elegant styles available for your picking.

Our team is ever ready to assist you with your inquiries. Do get in touch with us today or request a free quote and our staff will provide an on-site free consultation for your project to produce the perfect front doors in Canada for you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: Can you make custom exterior doors? 

Answer: Absolutely. It’s easy to build custom exterior doors of varying sizes, shapes, and styles. Often, a variety of tools are used to create custom doors such as wood, vinyl, and more. Often, exterior door providers in Canada will also enable you to select from different types of wood, to provide you with a unique grain for your door. However, when investing in exterior doors it’s important to consider the climate in which you live. This will determine the best finish and sealant for door installation teams to use, as well as how often you need to invest in refinishing services for your exterior doors. Some of the most popular exterior door styles include doors that swing outwards to the left or right, outswing or inswing doors, and double doors. 

Learn more about custom exterior doors in Canada by visiting https://www.masterdoor.ca/ or calling (647) 493-1956. 

Question 2: What are the current popular exterior door trends?

Answer: Some of today’s current popular exterior door trends include modern entry doors such as double swing doors, French doors, reinforced glass doors, as well as custom exterior doors. Many exterior door installation teams in Canada will boast high quality wood with unique grains to choose from, as well as eye-catching shapes and styles. Standard door designs are also quite popular with homeowners looking for a more classic, unassuming look, and for front entryways. 

To customize your exterior door or shop classic exterior doors in Canada visit https://www.masterdoor.ca or call (647) 493-1956. 

Question 3: What type of door is best for the exterior?

Answer: There are a variety of exterior doors in Canada to choose from, unfortunately not all of them are created equal. If you’ve been searching for a new door, you’ve probably realized that there is a wide number of types and styles, as well as materials available. When choosing an exterior door, the location of where it will be installed in your home should play a large factor in your decision. Often, for your main entryways selecting a standard and more classic look is preferable, whereas patio and basement doors can be more modern. Many often favor sliding glass or French doors for porches, patios, and decks. Also, pay particular attention to the style of your home and its design scheme when choosing your new exterior door. Consider if you want more light or visibility, or more privacy. Some doors can let a lot of natural light in, helping you brighten up the home and reduce electricity costs. 

For more about what type of exterior door in Canada is best for you, visit https://www.masterdoor.ca or call (647) 493-1956. 

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