Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Master Doors have any doors in stock?
We do not keep an inventory of ready-made doors. We make every one of our doors from scratch and to order. Each door is a unique product that is created from the client’s specifications.
2. Does Master Doors provide any services outside of Toronto?
Although we are based in the GTA and the majority of our business is here, we are always happy to assist clients from elsewhere in Ontario. Our services are the same for all clients in Ontario, whether in Toronto or anywhere else. Our services differ for customers from other provinces, however. We accept their orders and make the doors to their specifications but, since we don’t do the measurements ourselves, the client needs to confirm and take responsibility for them. The customer will also need to arrange for the shipping of the finished doors.
3. How secure are Master Doors’ solid wood exterior doors, and what locks do they use?
Our exterior doors are built for strength and they make an excellent security barrier. We also fit them with mortise locks, which are the most secure lock systems available.
4. What is the Master Doors warranty?

Master Doors takes great pride in our craftsmanship. We provide a warranty with each door, warranting it against all defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the time of manufacture – subject to certain terms and conditions. You can read the warranty here.

5. Is it possible to replace the exterior slab without replacing the frame?
No. At Master Doors, we make complete exterior door systems that include both the slab and the frame.
6. What type of wood is the best material for exterior doors in the Canadian weather?
Any type of good hardwood is suitable for exterior doors. However, based on our experience, we favour mahogany. It is incredibly tough and hardwearing – and it’s beautiful too.
7. Once my door is installed, how often do I need to refinish it?
This depends on how exposed the door is. If it is protected against sunlight and rain, then it won’t need much refinishing at all. If it is completely exposed to the elements, however, it will require frequent refinishing.
8. How thick are the doors that Master Doors makes?
Exterior doors are either 2 ¼ “ or 2 ¾ “, while interior doors are made to a standard measurement of 1 ¾ “.
9. If I bring Master Doors a stain sample, will you be able to match the colour?
Yes. You are welcome to bring us a sample, or you can choose from our extensive collection of stains.
10. How is my alarm system reinstalled in my new door?
We prepare the alarm for reinstallation by passing all the wiring through the door when we install it. However, you will need to call your alarm system technician to do the system set-up for you.
11. How long does it take to install a door?
The installation process takes about 5-6 hours, including lock fitting.

If you have any more questions, please fill in our contact request form, come and visit us at our shop, call us or send us an email. Master Doors looks forward to answering all your questions about your new wooden door.

12. Which door style best suits my home?
When it comes to choosing a wooden door style that best suits your home, consistency is key. If you have a modern home with sleek design elements like large black windows, you might want to rethink opting for a wooden door with a quaint, rustic vibe. Sure, mixing styles can be fun, but when it comes to your front door, straying too far from your home’s overall design could make your space look disjointed rather than eclectic.
13. What material door do I want?
If you really want the classic look of wooden front doors, that’s great but keep in mind your local climate. In places like Canada, where conditions can be harsh, a wooden door exposed to high humidity and sunlight can deteriorate quickly. Before making the commitment, consider how well protected your door will be from the elements. A covered porch, for example, can go a long way in preserving the look and functionality of a wooden front door.
14. How much light do I want my door to let in?
How much natural light do you want in your home’s entryway? Your choice of a front door can significantly impact the amount of light your foyer receives. Whether you go for a full light front door or choose something more subdued like a 3/4 or half light door, you have a variety of options to ensure your space is as bright or as cozy as you’d like it to be.
15. What level of privacy do I want?
If you’re drawn to the aesthetic of glass doors but are concerned about privacy, you don’t have to compromise. There are plenty of options for obscured glass doors that can keep your home private without losing out on natural light. So you can have the best of both worlds.
16. What security features do I want?
When choosing security features for your front door, consider more than just the locks and keys. Would you like your front door to be compatible with your smart home setup? Keypad or fingerprint scanner options can add an extra layer of security and convenience, especially for those who tend to misplace keys. Keep these features in mind as you browse through hardware options for your new front door.