Nothing adds as much class, homeliness and warmth to your house as a beautiful wood door. Besides their aesthetic value, they are also practical, providing security and insulation, and will reward your investment for decades to come with their hardiness and sustainability.

However, there are plenty of different types of wood door – in fact, they can be made to order so that no two are alike. The question is, how do you choose a door that is perfectly suited to your house? Whether you are selecting exterior or interior doors, you can follow these basic guidelines to help you make your choice.

Make sure it fits the style of your home

The obvious place to start is to consider the design and aesthetic of your house as a whole. Is it minimalistic, or have you gone for something more ornate – or is it somewhere in between? Your doors should fit that theme. Modern doors usually include clean lines, minimal ornamentation and simple, robust designs. However, the term ‘modern’ covers a lot of stylistic variation, with plenty of room for personal touches. 

Think about each door’s purpose

A typically modern design ethos is to allow function to determine design. Every door in your house has its own unique purpose, whether it’s providing privacy for a bedroom, creating a passageway between the kitchen and the dining room, or acting as a beautiful, yet protective, but also welcoming front entrance. The purpose and placement of the door will dictate its design and the materials used to make it. A front door will demand the strongest hardwood such as mahogany. In contrast, interior doors can be made with poplar or other softwoods. Bedroom doors can have a simple, wood-only design, while you may choose a French door to separate your entrance hall from your main entertainment area. Every door has its place.

Practical considerations

Finally, you need to consider such practicalities as your budget and the space available. You may want to choose one, ornately designed, hardwood door for the exterior and several simple and cost-effective interior doors. The choice of design and material will always be dependent on what you can afford.

Master Doors creates handcrafted, custom-designed wood doors to order, and we can also help you decide which doors are suitable for your home. Browse our range or contact us for more information.