When you purchase doors, particularly exterior doors, although this applies to interior doors too, you probably have two primary questions: how does the door look, and how secure is it? At Master Doors, we pride ourselves on the craftsmanship and materials that go into our doors. We can certainly provide you with a door designed to suit any style and decor scheme – whether you choose a traditional or modern door – but it will also act as a sturdy barrier that will help to keep your home and family secure.

What makes our doors so secure?

A door is made secure by a combination of three attributes: the material of which the door is made, the lock and the way the door is attached to its frame.

Master Doors makes its exterior doors out of solid wood. These are heavy, solid slabs of hardwood that won’t budge once they are hung in their frames and locked. Our interior doors are either solid or solid core. Solid core doors offer the benefits of solid wood at a lower cost – we build an interior skin into a hollow-bodied door using plywood or moulded composites. Solid core doors mostly serve to provide extra insulation and better sound quality, but they also offer some additional security reinforcement.

The choice of lock is all-important when it comes to making a door secure. Most of our doors use mortise locks. These are simple but strong lock systems that insert a bolt into the door frame when the door is locked. They are recommended by police for securing doors and required by most insurance companies. For extra security, a chain and night latch can be attached to the door as well. 

Finally, a door is made secure through the careful and skilled construction of the doorframe. If a solid door with a good lock is not properly hinged, or is hung in a frame that doesn’t fit it like a glove, it will be weak from a security perspective. Master Doors makes all of our exterior doors as complete door-and-frame units. Each door is perfectly fitted to its frame, which means we can’t supply a door to fit an existing frame. These units act as complete, secure entry systems that will maintain your home’s security.

To get secure, beautiful custom-made exterior doors and interior doors for your home, contact Master Doors