Traditional and Modern Entryway Trends in 2022

Your entryway is the first space you, your family, and other people will see, so it is worth investing in achieving the look you desire for this prominent and high-traffic area in your home or office building.
Your entryway or foyer should make a statement, complement your interior design, and create a space where you and your guests (or your clients) feel welcome. However, if you are not versed in design trends and best practices, you may find it tough to make your vision come to life.

Below, we cover some of the 2022 foyer trends for traditional and modern entryways. We will also provide tips on which style doors complement each interior design style.

Interior Design Trends for Traditional Entryways

Classic interior design styles are back in vogue in 2022, with many homeowners seeking to incorporate timeless elegance and coziness into their entryway. With everyone spending more time at home over the last few years, many people wanted their main living spaces to be warm, comfy and inviting. For that reason, homeowners began looking back to European styles from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Traditional interior design typically incorporates:

  • Comfortable and practical finishes and décor
  • Ornate touches that add character
  • Symmetry to create a more harmonious space
  • Crown moulding and wainscoting
  • Neutral colour palettes with pops of colour
  • Subtle patterns in furnishings
  • Wood floors

For this style, a traditional front door perfectly complements classic interior design elements and wood floors. Choose standard traditional door styles like Victorian-style and craftsman-style or one of the many other classic styles available from your entry door supplier.

When finishing your door, opt for a bright pop of colour or choose a stain colour that enhances other design choices in your entryway. In the traditional style, you truly cannot go wrong with either a dark stain, a light stain, or a paint colour.

Interior Design Trends for Modern Entryways

Modern interior design styles tend to be more minimalistic and appear simple, uncluttered, and sleek. This style often rejects the more ornate traditional style features and instead focuses on reducing visual clutter.

Interior design in modern styles often incorporates:

  • Open and airy spaces
  • Clean lines
  • Colour blocks in primary hues
  • Natural and industrial materials
  • Large windows

There are many Modern style entry doors to help you achieve an open, bright, and clean, modern foyer or entryway for this style. Opt for a standard design or work with professional designers to customize your front door from start to finish.

Consider choosing a natural wood door with a light stain if you love the modern style. However, if it suits your home better, utilize your entry door as a way to add a pop of colour to your interior and exterior. Also, be sure to consider all the window options available to you to help invite light into your entryway.

Find Your Entry Door Style Match with Master Doors

At Master Doors, we offer high-quality exterior wood doors and provide design services that can help you match your front door with your entryway aesthetic. Bring your entryway inspiration pictures, or simply let us know what your vision looks like, and we’ll show you options that may work for you. You will be able to browse our traditional and modern style doors or design your own by selecting your style, wood species, glass, hardware, and stain or paint colours.

If you are ready to get started, our experts are here to help. Contact the Master Doors Canada design team online or give us a call at (905) 597-9011 to get started.