Your front door is the first thing everyone sees when they approach your home or office. As a result, you have likely dedicated significant consideration to how your entry door appears from the exterior. However, you may not have considered how your main entrance front door design will impact the aesthetic of your entryway or the flow of the interior design in your home.    

Your front door style and the design choices you select will make a difference inside your home or office, so your entry door should complement your space’s interior. Of course, there are cases where you want your entry door to stand out and make a bold statement intentionally, but most property owners aim to match the style of their modern front door to both the interior and exterior of their home or building.

Below, we share tips on what to consider when matching the main entrance front door design to the interior design style of your space.

Consider the Entry Door Style

The style of your front door is a critical first decision you will need to make if you are upgrading your entry door or selecting one for a new build. While there are abundant style options, entry doors typically come in traditional or modern styles.

Traditional entry doors are elegant and timeless, while modern entry doors are sleek and unique. Which you choose will depend on the architectural style of your home and your personal preferences.

When considering your door style decision, think about which interior design styles appeal to you too. For example, if your interior is light and airy, opt for a door that invites in natural light. On the other hand, if your entryway is traditional, consider a stately wood entry door that adds luxury to the space.

Choose a Suitable Entry Door Material

The material you choose for your entry door also positively or negatively impacts your aesthetic inside and out. For example, screened or metal front doors may not match a modern home and may detract from the elegance of a traditional home.

On the other hand, a wood exterior door may significantly enhance curb appeal and allow you to choose design details that elevate your interior at the same time. Wood doors also hold their value over time, making them a wise investment. You can choose from a variety of wood types.

Consider a craftsman-style entry door for your traditional home or select a modern style wood door to complement the clean lines and your new build.

Select Complementary Stains and Paint Colours

The stain and paint colours on your front door will dramatically impact whether your entry door matches your home’s interior or detracts from the aesthetic. Darker stains demand attention in their own right and add richness, while lighter stains soften your entryway and create a brighter, welcoming area.

Conversely, bright paint colours may not work inside if your interior paint colours, flooring, and furnishing are more subdued or traditional. However, bright and bold options may be the perfect fit if your interior style is eclectic or your space suits a nice pop of colour.  

If you find it challenging to decide, work with wood entry door experts who can guide you through the door design process from start to finish.

Match Your Interior with A Main Entrance Modern Door Design from Master Doors

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