Ideas from Master Doors Canada

If you’ve chosen solid wood for your entrance door, you already have the beauty of the natural grain to enhance your home. But door accessories provide a way to customize and add your style to the door design.   We gathered information and ideas from the Master Doors team to fuel your creativity for your exterior doors in Canada.

Hardware Finishes and Colours Provide Subtle Decoration

The hinges and doorknob on your custom front door are vital to functionality. Hinges hang the door in your entryway and enable it to open and close. The doorknob gives you a way to move the door and often houses the locking mechanism that secures your home. The small but powerful hardware is available in several colours and finishes to complement the door structure.   Hardware colours include:

  • Brass, which is a copper-zinc alloy that has a yellow tone like gold.
  • Bronze is a solid dark brown colour, although an oil-rubbed finish brings out flecks of gold and bronze.
  • Chrome is dark grey with a slightly blue tinge.
  • Nickel is silvery-white with a slight gold hue.

  And hardware finishes are:

  • Polished (or Bright) has a deep lustre that produces a clear, mirror-like effect. A clear lacquer applied to polished hinges and doorknobs protects the metal from oxidation or aging.
  • Oil-Rubbed (or Antique) finishes usually deliver an aged bronze-like appearance but are available in nickel or brass. Manufacturers place the hardware into a chemical solution that quickly ages the surface.
  • Satin (or Brushed) hardware reflects textures created with a fine abrasive material like sandpaper or sanding brushes. The delicate lines add low lustre and warmth to the metal colours.

Additional Accessories for Exterior Doors in Canada

Other enhancements for your custom front door are:

  • Decorative side plates, metal pieces with a doorknob are available in various styles to add a touch of elegance to your entrance. Side plates are available in keyed or non-keyed styles.
  • Kick plates, a sheet of material along the bottom of the outside face of your front door, are a great feature that protects the surface and adds visual appeal.
  • Embellishments such as door knockers, peepholes, and doorbells with the same finish and colour as the other door accessories will provide texture and essential functions.

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