Front Door Paint Colour Trends in 2022

As you walk or drive around your neighbourhood, do you notice the striking colours of your neighbours’ front doors? Has it made you think about adding a fun pop of colour to your home too? Alternatively, have you admired how paint colour selection perfectly complements exterior features of others’ homes and thought about how you could spruce up your own? If so, perhaps you could benefit from replacing your entry door or giving it a makeover.

Below, we highlight a few front door paint colour trends in 2022 that may appeal to you.

Bright Pops of Red

A red entry door is a traditional option that withstands the test of time. Historically, a red front door indicated to weary travellers that the home’s occupants would provide them with a safe place to rest. Today, a red door still conveys that your home is a welcoming abode, making it a suitable option if you love to bring people together under your roof.

In addition to communicating a welcoming message, red makes a striking visual statement. It is a fun way to add a pop of colour and can be used to help draw the eye to other areas in your yard. For example, selecting a shade of red that is similar to the red flowers in your porch planters can really make everything stand out.

Cool Blues

As many people opt to spend more time at home working and enjoying the comforts of their indoor and outdoor spaces this year, blue front doors are trending. This cool trend could be because blue is a relaxing and tranquil colour that helps create the feeling of a safe and private retreat.

Blues work well with warm colours, and you will find an abundance of options to choose from at your local hardware store. Your door supplier will also likely have many blue color samples.

Darker blues communicate elegance and prosperity, while lighter blues can add to a beachy aesthetic. Add a blue hue to the traditional craftsman-style door of your vacation home or cottage, or try turquoise at your home to be on-trend in 2022.

Classic Black

If bold pops of colour do not suit your home or your personal style, you cannot go wrong with a classic black door. Like the “little black dress” that is reliably available in your closet (or your partner’s closet), black entry doors are always trendy and pair well with everything.

Black front doors suit every architectural style and will match all brick, stone, stucco, or siding. They will also likely not clash with the colour of your roof or garage door. In fact, black front doors can tie all exterior elements together very well. For these reasons, black doors remain one of the most popular paint colours consistently throughout the years, and they certainly aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon.

Opt for black on your modern style entry door to complement the clean lines of your home.

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