Oak is one of the hardest and most durable timbers. Due to its versatility, resilience, and robustness, it is an extremely popular material in design and construction. Solid wood      doors have been used in traditional buildings for hundreds of years, but these days purchasing an oak door is seen as a long-term investment. Its Latin name Quercus robur directly translates to ‘strength’ and rightly so. They make great interior as well as exterior wooden doors.

Treated or untreated, oak looks good. In its natural state, it comes in a number of colours, so you can select a shade that matches your house and furnishings in any given room. Internal oak doors complement everything from chairs and tables, to desks and bookshelves. Wood, especially oak, gives a feeling of warmth and nature to a home, making any house appear more welcoming. Here’s what you should know about solid wood doors.


Laminated and veneer doors can often imitate the look of a solid wood door, but they are less expensive for a reason. Oak doors are an investment as they are built to last and are ideal if you are looking for solid wood interior doors.


Solid oak doors are great for keeping the heat in. Oak acts as a natural form of insulation, making your home more energy-efficient and saving you money in the process.

Value for money

Oak doors offer great value for homeowners, guaranteeing a high-quality, sturdy, interior door that, if treated correctly, will last you a lifetime.

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