Top Tips On Choosing The Best Interior Door Material

Interior doors do not only serve to divide two spaces, but they also add style to both areas and complement their existing trim and finish. At Master Doors, when source the finest wood for the doors and install the doors. We treat it as dressing up the interior of your home. Choosing the best material to fit your space and taste is a critical part of the process. But what are the factors to consider when choosing the best material for interior doors? Master Doors shares the most popular choices to help you:

Solid Wood Interior Doors

Solid wood doors are a favourite of those with a leaning towards a traditional home design. They provide a natural, warm feel to the room. There is a variety of wood species to choose from and in most cases, cost and function are the key deciding factors. Classic hardwoods have distinct benefits over pinewoods, which cost considerably less.   

Sound Insulating Solid Core Interior Doors

Solid core is a clever way to enjoy the benefits of solid wood without actually paying the solid wood prices. Now, how does that work out? An interior skin is created for the door using plywood or moulded composites. The result is excellent insulation and good sound quality.  

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