When you think about the first impression your home makes, the exterior door plays a pivotal role. It’s the first thing people see and the main barrier that keeps your home safe. A strong exterior door makes a good impression and provides security and functionality. That’s why choosing the right exterior door is essential for both the appearance and safety of your home.

In this blog, our team at Master Doors, a top door manufacturer in Canada, outlines several aspects of ensuring a strong and visually appealing exterior door.

Choosing the Right Size and Opening Direction for Your Exterior Door

The dimensions and the way your exterior door opens are important factors that impact both accessibility and safety. One of our significant differences from other regular door makers is that we make custom-sized door slabs, up to 46″ in width and 120″ in height. The wider door is especially beneficial for parents with strollers or older individuals using wheelchairs or walkers, as it allows for easier movement.

Most exterior doors open inward, which is a design choice driven by both security and practicality. Having the door open inward means the hinges are inside. Inswing doors are the more popular option for exterior doors because they reduce the risk of intruders removing the door and are less likely to be stopped by debris or snow, which could prevent the door from being opened from the outside.

Selecting the Best Materials

Choosing the right material for your exterior door impacts affects its strength, maintenance needs, and how well it performs in varying weather conditions. While several materials are available, wood doors stand out for their superior strength and timeless elegance. Wood is valued by many for its timeless look that adds warmth and character to your home. Even though wood doors require maintenance to protect them against weather, many homeowners find this upkeep worth it for the look they provide.

Adding Extra Protection

Not every home will require a storm or screen door but adding one is a great idea. They can allow more natural light into a home and ventilate it by letting fresh air in and keeping pests out. If your front porch is covered or has an overhanging roof, you might not need a screen door for protection against weather, but it can still be a worthwhile addition with the other benefits it offers.

Enhancing Door Security

A strong security system for your exterior door is crucial to make sure the door stays sturdy. A good setup includes a mortise lock and two additional door blocker entry stops at the top and bottom of the door. A strike plate should also be installed to reinforce the door jamb. For extra security and ease of access, smart locks are an excellent addition to your front door.

Regularly Maintaining Your Exterior Door

Your exterior door should be well taken care of to make sure it lasts long and maintains its look. There are a few regular checks and maintenance steps to take to do so:

  • Check Weather Stripping

Exterior doors, especially wooden doors, have great insulation properties. However, they can be enhanced through the proper use of weatherstripping. To ensure its efficiency, inspect and replace the weather stripping around your door twice a year to prevent drafts from coming in. If your door doesn’t have weatherstripping, consider adding some. This can greatly reduce utility costs and provide many benefits down the line.

  • Cleaning and Painting

Clean your door once a year with a damp microfiber cloth. If the material is flaking or the door appears worn, you should contact a door manufacturer to ask about their re-staining services. This keeps your door looking fresh and protects it from debris and weather.

  • Hardware Checks

Each spring, check the door’s hardware to make sure everything is secure. Lubricate the lock and replace any broken components right away. For added security and convenience, think about installing a smart lock to get access without having to use regular keys.

Refinishing Your Exterior Door

Over time, your exterior door can deteriorate if it’s constantly exposed to sunlight. The UV rays from the sun can cause the door’s stain to fade and wear away. In these cases, refinishing your door is a necessary maintenance step to extend its lifespan and keep it looking its best. When you get a door manufacturer to refinish your exterior door, they’ll assess the degree of wear and determine whether it needs refinishing. Then, they will prepare the surface for refinishing by cleaning it and sanding it. During this step, they will also check for any cracks or holes and repair them. Finally, they apply the stain and sealant to the door.

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