The Master Doors Canada Team Helps You Assess Your Doors’ Security

  According to SGI Canada Insurance, a residential invasion happens every 90 seconds across the country. Most home burglaries (about 80 percent) occur during daylight, and InterNACHI (the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) reports almost 60 percent of break-ins are through an exterior door.     While the statistics are sobering, you can use the following list to help identify ways to minimize the risk of home invasion through your entry doors.  

  • Check the length of screws used in your exterior door strike plates. The strike plate is the small metal piece that fits into the door frame and ‘catches’ the door latch.  Prefabricated doors may have strike plate screws less than 1-inch (2.5 cm) long, making it easier to kick open a door. 
    • Tip:  Install 3-inch (7.6 cm) screws for additional security.
  • Choose an entry door lock that’s difficult to pick. One lock format that offers more security than a traditional keyed doorknob is a deadbolt, a lock that opens only with a key. 
    • Tip: Upgrade from a deadbolt to a mortise lock.  The mechanical elements of a mortise lockset are in a heavy steel case. The lock’s body fits inside a pocket in the door’s edge. For additional security, you can add a night latch and chain to the door.
  • Invest in solid wood front doors. Kilogram for kilogram, wood is much stronger and heavier than steel and is more resilient, giving it the power to absorb impact without breaking or bending. The only way to break through a solid wood exterior door is with an axe. 
    • Tip:  Select hardwood like oak, white oak, or mahogany for your exterior doors to maximize strength, impenetrability, and durability.
  • Evaluate the construction and installation of the entry door’s frame.  Good engineering practices require an exterior door frame to hinge into the entryway tightly. Installers should nail or screw the frame into the studs of the home’s structure. 
    • Tip:  Partner with a custom exterior door company in Canada that manufactures a complete door system, including the frame. 

  You’ll have peace of mind that your entry door systems and your home are secure when you choose strong door material with difficult-to-break locks and solid frames.    Connect with the Master Doors Canada team to learn more about custom entry doors that ensure the security of your home. We’ll design, build, and install a door system that transforms your house into a safe, dream haven.