When designing a wine cellar door that’s beautiful and functional, the process involves addressing several unique ‘how to’ questions about the space:

  • Temperature and humidity fluctuations can damage your wine collection. How to insulate the entryway? A custom wood wine cellar door with 2 ¼-inch planks will solidly resist the highs and lows that can occur around your wine cellar.  
    • Red or white oak, mahogany, and walnut are quality hardwoods with naturally insulating properties.
  • How to decide on a wood type? Each hardwood has a unique appearance that can embellish your wine cellar.
    • Mahogany ranges in colour from a light pink to a darker red-brown that can deepen over time. The grain is straight, delicate, and even. 
    • Walnut is usually dark brown to almost black, sometimes with purple undertones.  The grain is straight with occasional curls or wavy patterns.  
    • Oak (either red or white) has a distinct, visible grain. White oak has brown or beige colours, while red oak carries salmon or pink tones.
  • How to prevent airflow through the wine cellar door? Precise measurements, a solid wood frame, a door sweep, and expert installation provide you with a door that fits tightly into your wine cellar entryway. 
    • Artisans can create door jambs, casings, and planks with workmanship that creates a snug seal.
  • How to ensure the wine cellar door’s security? Metal hinges affixed to the door and the hardwood frame should have sufficient weight to support the thicker door for your wine cellar.
    • Locking systems, like mortise locks, provide security for your collection, and some brands offer a lifetime warranty.
  • How to make the door fit your style and create a memorable first impression?
    • Wood is a versatile material for wine cellar doors, easily shaped into traditional or modern rectangular styles or the old-world, classic arch shape.
    • Thermal glass sidelights, ovals, half moons, or circles add artistry and visual access to your wine collection.
    • Additional features such as wrought iron, brass kick plates, and door handles, knobs, and hinges are available to enhance the beauty of your custom door.

Choose Master Doors for Your Custom Wood Doors in Toronto

Your wine collection and wine cellar reflect an expenditure of time, energy, and financial resources. Get the wine cellar doors that protect your investment and elevate your wine cellar by partnering with Master Doors Canada. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to design, build, and install a wine cellar door that wows visitors and secures your wines.

Whether solid wood, wood-and-glass, or wood with iron embellishments, your wine cellar door from Master Doors will deliver the results and visual experience you want.

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