While you may gravitate toward an interior door for your wine cellar, the space demands a more robust custom door. You could buy an off-the-shelf door, but your wine cellar deserves an entry as unique as the wines you collect. And just as your front door makes a powerful first impression for your home, the wine cellar door makes a statement about the experience visitors can expect.

Essential Characteristics of a Wine Cellar Door

The door to your wine cellar needs many of the same features as an exterior door. It must be:

  • Insulated to prevent air from entering or exiting the wine cellar.
  • Solid wood wine cellar doors have inherent insulating properties. Hardwoods such as mahogany, walnut, or oak resist humidity that can cause decay.
  • Other materials, such as glass or galvanized metal, are also available to insulate your wine cellar door.
  • Energy-efficient, to help you maintain the ideal temperature for preserving the wine quality and taste.
  • Wine cellar doors have an R-value that measures thermal resistance, and higher R-values provide more climate control.  Thermal glass with a vacuum or filled with argon-gas offers more energy efficiency than standard glass. A solid wood wine cellar door with a thickness of 2 ¼-inch can also provide a high R-value.
  • Secure from the elements and unwanted visitors. Installation of custom doors, including wine cellar doors, is essential to maximizing the insulating properties and security of the entryway. 
  • The door to your wine cellar must sit snugly into a solid frame that can support the heavier weight of the material. A custom door manufacturer will craft a door and frame measured precisely to fit your wine cellar and provide the most insulating, secure installation.
  • Stylish to reflect the architectural design of the wine cellar and your preferences. Can you install a highly functional wine cellar door without a specific style?  Absolutely, but you’ve likely invested substantial resources into your collection and creating the wine cellar.  A door that looks like a restaurant refrigerator falls short of conveying the delicious flavours and warm memories to share with your wine tastings. 
  • Partnering with a custom door manufacturer gives you access to beautiful wood wine cellar doors, etched glass, or iron embellishments.
  • An expert in wine cellar door installation ensures the door framing, hardware, and lock complement the door’s style and deliver the functionality you need to maintain the integrity of your wines.

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