Has your wine collection expanded beyond your kitchen wine rack? Are you considering adding a wine cellar to your home? Or do you have a cellar and wondering if it’s time to upgrade your wine cellar door? Just as you update rooms in your home to reflect changes in your lifestyle or decorating preferences, upgrades to your wine cellar are purposeful and beneficial.

When to Upgrade Your Wine Cellar Door

As you design (or redesign) your wine cellar, having a door that fits the space provides a cohesive look and feel along with functional features that protect your collection. It’s time to upgrade your custom door if:

  • You’ve reconfigured your wine racks to accommodate more bottles. If you have less than 13.5 inches or 35.3 centimetres to the left and right of the entryway, you may need a new wine cellar door to swing unencumbered past the racks.
  • You’ve redesigned your wine cellar with a new look, perhaps shifting from a modern take to Tuscan or traditional to contemporary.  Wood wine cellar doors are available in various hardwoods like mahogany, oak, or walnut, and artisans can craft sizes and styles to fit your cellar’s décor. 
  • You want to use your wine cellar for more than storage and need to add room for tastings or gatherings. Since the wine cellar door creates a memorable first impression, consider an upgrade to reflect your vision. Do you want to recreate your favourite vineyard? Or visually showcase your collection? With wood, glass, and metal materials, you can transform your dream into a beautiful reality.
  • You’ve had trouble controlling the temperature or humidity levels in your wine cellar. The entryway is the primary source of airflow and moisture into and out of your cellar. If your wine cellar door doesn’t seal adequately or glass elements aren’t thermal, it’s time to consider an upgrade.
  • You’re adding more insurance to cover your collection, and the insurer has requirements for safety and security. Insurers will review the climate control system in your wine cellar and evaluate the type of wine cellar door you’ve chosen. A custom, solid hardwood door with 2 ¼-inch planks, wrought iron embellishments, and custom-designed wooden framing can deliver protection and seal to insulate the space. Minimal glass, a mortise locking system, and expert installation can assure the policy writers about your security measures.  

Are you ready to upgrade your wine cellar door? Let’s schedule a conversation about designing your custom wood door today! Contact the Master Doors Canada design team at (905) 597-9011.