The Differences Between Popular Types of Wood for Exterior Doors

While interior doors can accommodate various wood species, exterior doors must withstand the elements for many years. For this reason, correct material selection for exterior doors is critical. Below, we cover more insights about the most popular types of wood for exterior doors, including hardwoods like walnut, mahogany, and red or white oak.


Walnut is a dense, sturdy, and attractive hardwood species that is popular due to its ability to add elegant and timeless appeal to any home or office. Walnut wood is dark brown or black with purple undertones, making it suitable if you are looking for deep, rich colouring in your entryway. 

Walnut features a stunning grain that is often straight with waves or curls distributed gracefully throughout. In addition, this wood species has excellent processing abilities that allow for flawless carving, sanding, and finishing.

Walnut is most beautiful in its natural state, so it is often finished with transparent glosses to preserve the character of the wood while protecting it from harsh elements.


Mahogany wood is exceptionally sturdy, durable, and easy to craft, making it ideal for exterior doors. The mahogany wood species typically has a unique grain and ranges in colour from pale pink to reddish-brown. The stunning and elegant natural colour often becomes darker and richer as it matures. 

Mahogany wood is typically free of defects and is resistant to pests, rot, and dents. It also takes well to stain or can be finished with a transparent coating that preserves the wood’s natural character. Doors crafted from this popular wood species are known to last for generations with proper care and will accommodate changes to the stain colour if your tastes change over time.

Red and White Oak

The strength, durability, and sound insulating properties of oak woods make this species a popular option for exterior doors. In terms of colour, white oak features beige and brown hues, while red oak trends toward pink or salmon undertones. Interestingly, white oak is often darker than red oak.

Grain patterns in red oak are prominent and eye-catching, unlike white oak, which has a more moderate and subdued appearance. 

Because of oak wood’s ability to accept a variety of stains and finishes, the species offers unlimited stain colour options. Whether you prefer a light or dark stain, oak is happy to accommodate your tastes and will benefit from an oil-based stain and exterior sealant to protect it from warping or swelling.

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