Building or upgrading a home or office requires you to consider how every design decision will impact the aesthetic of a space inside and out. Whether you are an architect, property developer, or homeowner, you know that details make a difference. From the floor tiles to the front door, every choice makes an impact – and an impression. Choosing complementary design elements can tie everything together perfectly, while poorly selected features and finishes can be an eyesore.

Entry doors are one of the first things people notice when they approach your home or office, so your exterior door must match the style of your space. However, it is often difficult to decide which one will work best for you among the abundance of door styles available. Below, we explain the most popular styles of doors, common types of wood used, the best wood doors for the Canadian climate, and the process we use at Master Doors to ensure you find the perfect fit for your space.

Most Popular Door Styles

Some may prefer a traditional door, while others like the look of a modern door. No matter what type you are looking for, there are many popular door styles on the market. Traditional doors offer a classic style, while modern doors are sleek and simplistic. Ultimately, the type of door you choose depends on your personal preferences and what you feel will best suit your home or office space.

Below, we cover popular entry doors that may appeal to your tastes and give you some front door ideas that align with the overall aesthetic of your home or business location.

Craftsman-Style Exterior Doors

Front entry doors in a craftsman style typically consist of wood materials and incorporate rectangular windows and panels. They may also include stylish glass and dentil shelves, adding character and a unique touch to the craftsman’s design.

During the arts and crafts movement of the mid-19th century and continuing into the 20th century, craftsman-style doors were popular for smaller cottages and homes. These doors were constructed by experienced woodworkers who valued quality, durability, and character. Today, the style is a popular option for homeowners seeking to bring an element of classic beauty to their entryway. Craftsman-style doors are available in various standard designs and types of wood. Alternatively, you can create a customized style based on your unique design vision.

For more information on this style, see our blog post on craftsman doors for more information on this style.

Victorian-Style Doors

Victorian-style entry doors are recognizable for their rail and stile construction and raised panels. In addition, Victorian-style doors commonly incorporate two, four, or six panels with glass and decorative motifs that add to their beauty. Doors in this style often appear in homes with a porch or gabled entry that provides a degree of shelter.

Traditional Victorian-style doors are often made with wood because the material complements other design details of older homes with charming character. Wood is also a popular option because it allows for painting or staining that blends in well with existing exterior features such as decorative trim, porch beams, and railings.

A front door designed in a Victorian style is a stunning choice if you are seeking to preserve the character of your home, invite more natural light into your foyer, or include elegant glass details in your door design.

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Bungalow Series Front Doors

Bungalow Series doors are handcrafted entry doors that offer quality, character, and value. Doors in the Bungalow Series are made of high-quality wood and feature beaded v-groove panels. This series also provides homeowners with a large selection of glass layouts. Bungalow Series doors exude timeless elegance and are unlikely to ever go out of style.

If you are still unsure which style door is best for you, see our blog post about the differences between popular styles of doors.

Vintage Doors

Vintage or antique doors are sure to make you reminisce about visiting your grandparents’ old farmhouse or that time you toured around churches and castles in Europe. Depending on the period, vintage-style doors can be very simple or awe-inspiring in their ornate details.

While digging through flea markets can be a treat for some people, many homeowners choose to recreate vintage or antique style by working with a reputable door designer. Whether you prefer a simple farmhouse-style door to contribute to the character of an older home or you are seeking something grander, custom doors in a vintage style can bring your vision to life.

If you are interested in more information about recreating or repurposing antique doors, take a look at our blog post on vintage-style doors.

Most Popular Wood for Exterior Doors

While the style of door you ultimately go for might be a challenging decision to make, you do also need to decide on the material for your door. Hardwood is a superior option despite the availability of entry doors in steel, hollow metals, glass, and fibreglass due to the natural material’s functionality, durability, and beauty. No matter the size of your budget, there is a wood type that will suit your taste and style.

When selecting wood for exterior doors, it is critical to consider durability and strength. While softwoods like pine, cedar, and fir are suitable for interior doors, exterior doors require enduring, high-quality hardwood. Hardwood doors include walnut, mahogany, and red and white oak.

Each wood species will provide a different look, react differently to finishes, and allow for various levels of detail. We dive deeper into these differences in our blog post about popular types of wood for exterior doors.

Best Wood and Finishes to Use in the Canadian Climate

In Canada, most exterior doors must weather direct sunlight, heavy rain, high heat, humidity, and frigid temperatures all in the same year. Due to this variety of weather conditions experienced in our four-season country, it is crucial to ensure you select a solid and resistant door that can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

Softer and lighter woods will not stand up for long to harsh climates, which is why high-quality exterior doors utilize hardwood such as walnut, red and white oak, or mahogany. As mentioned above, which type of hardwood you choose will depend on your personal style and the design elements that are important to you.

Regardless of which type of wood suits your needs, you will also need to consider how you will finish your door to increase durability and protect your hardwood’s beauty for years to come. For example, oil-based paints will protect your door from harsh UV rays, while oil-based polyurethane will create a moisture barrier and protect your door from heavy rain, high humidity, and scratches and dents.

We cover durable finishes in more detail in our blog post about protecting wood exterior doors in the Canadian climate .

How Master Doors Can Help You Find the Perfect Door for Your Home or Office

As an industry leader in front door design and installation, we have a reputation for helping countless clients design or select styles that add curb appeal, complement their space, and add value to their home or office. We recognize that your style and design preferences are unique and that you will decide what is best for you. For that reason, our dedicated team of professionals will never put pressure on you to make a particular selection. When you work with us, we simply guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. We are also happy to provide design advice, so feel free to ask our team for assistance.

While many of our clients select standard doors, others desire something unique to their home or office. In some situations, standard doors will simply not fit in a client’s home due to non-traditional construction. We utilize a five-step process to walk you through designing your door, selecting your wood species, and choosing your glass, hardware, and finishes for these types of custom door projects.

Here is an overview of this process to guide your door design, style and wood selection.

Step 1: Design and Drawing

Step 1 is where your ideas begin to come to life. Simply bring your vision and any sample photos to our showroom, and one of our talented designers will create a sketch of your new entry door. Once the drawing is ready, you will have time to consider if the design aligns with your vision and expectations. If you are not satisfied, we will fine-tune your design until it is precisely what you had in mind.

Step 2: Wood Species Selection

As noted above, wood species selection depends on various factors such as aesthetic preferences, climate exposure, and required maintenance. Therefore, our team will take time to get to know what you like and ask questions about your structure’s entrance. Collecting this information helps us recommend which type of wood will work best.

Step 3: Glass Type Selection

Options related to glass selection are more robust than you may think. For example, in addition to choosing the type of glass you like, there are many other details to consider, such as whether you would like frosted glass or wrought iron placed between the layers of your tempered glass. Our experts will provide you with all available options and samples of our past work so you can determine which design elements to incorporate in your custom front door.

Step 4: Hardware Selection

Hardware is an important aspect of your custom door because it can either complement or detract from the appearance of your design. Therefore, our team will guide you through other considerations for hardware, such as security and durability.

Step 5: Stain Selection

Stain selection is the final stage in the process, and there is no shortage of options to consider. If you already have a stain colour in mind, please bring your stain sample with you. We will also have a variety of stain samples available for you to view. In addition, we will be able to guide you on how your sample stain(s) will interact with your wood species selection.

Work with Master Doors

Are you ready to select or design your new front door? Would you like the support of experts passionate about door design, wood selection, details, and durability? Master Doors is here to help. Please feel free to contact us online or give us a call at (905) 597-9011. We are always happy to discuss your vision for your home or office and provide guidance to help you make the best decision possible when selecting or designing your new front door.