When it comes to choosing doors, there is no doubt that we not only want a beautiful-looking door, but it should also be practical and of excellent quality. Since there are so many doors on the market, it’s not so easy.

Below we give you some tips on identifying a high-quality solid wood door.

1. Test the weight of the door

If the door is new and you haven’t hung it yet, either pick it up to guess its weight or weigh it on a scale. Solid doors are usually much heavier than a hollow core door and can weigh around 25 – 30 pounds heavier. So if you can easily lift or swing the door you most probably do not have a solid wood door.

2. Look at the finish on the door

Factories would rather paint a hollow core door than stain it. If the door is stained, it’s more likely to be solid-core than hollow-core, especially if it is heavy.

3. Examine the panelling on the door

Solid wood doors are made either from a solid wood slab or, more commonly, a frame-and-panel construction that uses natural wood—whether a softwood like pine or a hardwood like oak or maple. They have panels that look detailed and real. Hollow-core doors may have artificial panels, but they usually aren’t of high quality.

4. Check the door’s condition

Solid wooden doors are hard and durable meaning that they will have less visible damage. Unlike solid wood exterior doors, hollow core doors do not have a filling, so they’re easy to damage. Solid wood doors will last longer as they can resist wear and tear.

5. Consider the door’s price

It’s no secret that a solid wooden door is on the pricier side and that hollow-core doors are less expensive. Doors made of solid wood are made of quality natural wood. The wood is constructed as one whole unit, the sturdy wood adds weight, which makes the door easy to close, thick enough to block sound, and strong enough to hold custom framed mirrors.

Let us help you pick the perfect solid wood door

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