When it comes to home design, some of the best advice we can give is to not just stick to one genre but take risks and explore your own personal style. It’s your home after all, and you’re the one who is going to find joy and comfort in your surroundings each day. For many people, finding their style means mixing together classic and modern design pieces. For example, you might have modern front doors with vintage or classic entryway furniture.

If you’re drawn to both types of design styles and looking to find ways to blend the two, we’ve got some tips for how to make sure you’re doing so effectively so that your home doesn’t look mismatched or chaotic in the process. 

Laying the Foundation

The first place to start is to pinpoint the architectural features or furniture that you want to design around, and which features are already the most dominant in your home. For example, if your home was built in a contemporary style with lots of glass, asymmetrical architecture, and mixed building materials, then you will want to draw on more classic or vintage furniture features to balance the two styles. In contrast, if you’re living in an old Victorian home, then adding modern or industrial interior elements would be a unique and interesting contrast. Lay the foundation by pinpointing the dominant design feature first and build from there.  

Accent Colors

One of the best ways to tie a room together and bring in some character is by being really thoughtful with accent colors. While many people might instantly think of bold and bright when they think of accent colors, if you’re looking to accentuate a bold piece of furniture or architectural element, then choosing a warm or muted accent color can help tie the room together without drawing too much attention. When it comes to blending modern and classic styles, having a pop of color in a unique piece of furniture is often a great way to highlight the character of the room.

In contrast, bold wall painting might actually be doing the opposite and taking attention away rather than working to highlight your design features, so if you’re going to paint your walls a bold color, try to keep it to a small accent wall rather than the entire room. 

Focal Pieces

Utilizing focal pieces that provide contrasting balance to the architectural design of your interiors is a great way to blend your two styles together. For example, if your interiors are industrial with exposed steel and piping, adding in a warm vintage sofa with lots of textures rather than a sleek-lined couch is a great way to find balance in the space. You can build your room around focal pieces, whether it’s through a beautiful stained-glass window, a modern front door, or a large mid-century modern wall unit. However, just remember to not have too many focal pieces in one room as that can lead to a more cluttered and chaotic feel with your design. 


Our final advice is to not forget accessorizing! This is a great way to add some more balance to your room with some finishing touches. Make sure you’re also taking into account style balance with pieces like rugs, lamps, and most importantly, wall art. A good blend of styles will have lots of texture in a room and include a range of natural fabrics from window hangings to throw cushions and blankets. 

Master Doors

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