When you decide to purchase a new solid wood entry door for your home, you will find that you are spoiled for choice. But, with all the materials, colours and styles available to you, how do you choose the right one? Here are three simple steps to help you make the decision easier.

Establish Your Budget

First of all, decide how much you are willing and able to spend. Establishing your financial parameters will help to narrow the scope of your search significantly. Check prices or ask for quotes on doors that you like, and then use your budget to eliminate unfeasible options. 

Measure the Space

The next step is another purely a practical one. Inspect the entrance area of your home. Take the measurements of the doorway so you know exactly what size door you need. Also, consider the space and decide whether it is suitable for a single or double door. Can glass perhaps be an option? In which direction should the door open? Think about what would be appropriate for the purely functional purposes of your entrance area.

Find a Style That Suits Your Home

Now that practical thoughts are out of the way, get creative and start looking at various designs, wood-types and colour options to see which of them would best suit the style and colours of your entrance area and your home in general.

If you find yourself short of entrance door ideas and would like some help to select the right entrance door designs for you, feel free to contact us. Our staff will be happy to come over to your premises, examine your entrance area and offer some ideas and a quotation – free of charge. Master Doors is a leading supplier of quality solid wooden doors in Toronto. Browse our range of exterior and interior doors, or contact us for more information.