You have had a long day, and as you enter your home, the sound of the front door closing provides you with an audible assurance that life’s chaos has been left behind.

There are few things in a home’s construction that are as useful and symbolic as a front door. Having dual purposes, it provides protection from the outside world while serving as the welcoming entryway for your friends and family. In fact, it is often the first interaction that your guests will have with your home, thus, it should be designed and constructed in a manner that is reflective of your personality.

How does one incorporate personality into an entry door? Understand the nuances of selecting and buying a door to answer that question. Keep reading!


Top Ten Questions to Consider Before Installing A New Front Door 

Although we live in a digital age where information is at our fingertips, it can often be difficult to understand, compile, and apply such information. To make things a bit easier, we have created a list of the top ten questions that you should take into consideration before you have a new entry door installed.

1. What size door can my home accommodate?

Knowing the size of the frame in which your new exterior door will reside is where the home door buying process starts. It will delineate what types of doors you can incorporate. Master Doors installs both the frame and the door, giving you an entirely new exterior door system with a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

2. Will my new door accommodate people with handicaps?

Identifying the needs of those that will be entering the home through your front door is an important factor when selecting door types. There are some that are more suitable for those with mobility issues or other handicaps.

3. What style of door would complement my home’s current design?

This is the question that seems to be asked more often than most, as it should. You have spent a great deal of time ensuring that the aesthetic of your home is just right, so, your new front door should complement that style, or enhance it. You can begin by determining whether your home has a traditional or modern appearance, as most homeowners prefer that their homes incorporate consistent materials and color palettes. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t mix-and-match styles to create a unique fusion of old-world charm and new-age trends. It is your home, and you get to decide it’s overall appearance. Next, you should decide whether you would like single or double doors. Do note that French doors are considered double doors, however, they are not recommended for front door applications. Rather, they are used as patio doors, interior doors, and side doors. Master Doors offers an array of modern and traditional front doors to choose from. You can browse our selection online or download our brochure.

4. Which materials should my new door be constructed with?

Although entry doors can be constructed using one or more materials, such as hardwood, glass, steel, hollow metals, and fibreglass, hardwood is the preferred option for many as it combines functionality, durability, and beauty. Master Doors carries high-quality Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved solid wood doors in a variety of wood species. To learn more about the wood types that we offer, we encourage you to visit our dedicated ‘wood options’ page.

5. How to choose the right hardware for my new door?

From handles and hinges to door knockers, the hardware options for your new front door are seemingly endless. At this point, you should have an understanding of what type and style of door you would like to purchase. The hardware selection will be dependent on the aesthetics and construction of the door(s) that they will be affixed to. When shopping for optional door hardware (i.e., hardware that is not necessary for a door to function properly), we recommend selecting products that you will want to keep for years, as opposed to a seasonal trend. A doorknocker, for example, requires holes to be drilled into your exterior door, which is definitely not something you want your guests to see if you choose to remove it. With regards to essential hardware (e.g., handles, locks, hinges, etc.), Master Doors has a variety of options to choose from.

6. Is there a warranty included with the purchase of my new door?

Purchasing a high-quality entry door is a worthwhile investment, however, that investment can quickly turn into a nightmare if you later find defects in the material or the craftmanship. Before purchasing your new front door — or any door for that matter — it is important to check that it is backed by a warranty. Master Doors knows this all too well, which is why we offer a warranty with every door we install. The warranty covers the workmanship as well as any defects that may be present, for one year from the time of manufacture. Certain terms and conditions apply.

7. How long does it take to install a new door?

You or someone you know may have experienced the painfully slow handyman who monopolizes your whole day — or two, or three, or more — in an effort to get a project completed that should have been carried out in a few hours. While the installation time for a new front door can vary from company to company, it should be completed in less than a day. Here at Master Doors, we can have the entire project completed within five to six hours.

8. Do I have a set budget for my front door?

The average homeowner taking on a renovation project will have a budget in mind. Some may break it down to the last detail while others might have a set maximum limit. Whether your new front door is part of a larger remodel or the only item on your makeover list, you need to decide on a ballpark figure for your purchase. Prices for exterior doors vary across a wide range and custom doors vary even more. It is important to remember that your home’s front door is an investment that has the potential to impart additional security while enhancing your overall curb appeal. Master Doors offers a free, no-obligation quote, which should give you a better understanding of the market price for high-quality doors and their installation.

9. What maintenance will my new door require?

You’re basking in the joy of having a new stylish front door until you discover that the upkeep is more than you expected. This is a common scenario for many homeowners, as they were so razzle-dazzled by the looks of their potential new door when viewing it in the showroom that they didn’t contemplate what type of maintenance would be required and how often. This consideration is particularly important for older folks with mobility issues or those that are not keen on home upkeep. With this in mind, there are many factors that can contribute to a door’s maintenance requirements — climate and materials are the major ones. Our team at Master Doors can share plenty of front door ideas and guide your choices.

10. Which company should I purchase my new home door from?

Searching for an exterior door specialist in Canada? Select a company that has the materials and expertise required to adorn your home with a front door that is installed properly with quality materials. Master Doors is an industry leader in the installation of luxury home doors. We offer a vast selection of custom doors that are expertly crafted, strictly using FSC certified solid wood. Yes, beautiful doors can be environmentally friendly too!


Master Doors’ Work Process

As an industry leader in home door design and installation, we have perfected the fusion of art and science. When you’re ready to begin the process, we will sit down with you and put together a design plan that respects your wishes and realizes your vision. There will be no pushy designers telling you what you want. To acquaint yourself with the nuances of crafting your new home door, we have delineated Master Doors’ five-step process:

1. Design and Drawing

This is where the best front door ideas come to life. With your initial design vision in hand, one of our talented designers will sketch your new home door. Once it is complete, we will have you confirm that it meets your expectations.  You may view some of our sketches here, which may provide you with a bit of inspiration.

2. Wood Species Selection

Selecting a wood type will depend on a multitude of factors, such as aesthetics, durability, climate exposure, budget, required maintenance, and whether your door has an overhang to shield it from the elements. Once this information is collected, our staff will guide you through the various wood types that we offer.

3. Glass Type Selection

The glass selection process involves more than choosing a glass type. We offer an array of glass designs including wrought iron placed between two layers of tempered glass. The outside layer would obviously be clear so that you can enjoy the beautiful wrought iron design, while the indoor layer can be comprised of the same style or other options, such as frosted glass, etc. To get a visual idea of what we’re explaining, you can click here.

4. Hardware Selection

Step four involves having you select the hardware that you would like us to utilize. During this step, we will educate you about durability and safety factors. If you prefer to choose with visuals, take a look at our options for hardware design.

5. Stain Selection

Stain selection is the final stage in the process. We have a wide selection of stains to choose from which will be presented on oak wood. However, if you have a stain sample that you would like to incorporate, then you are more than welcome to bring it in so that we can match it. Do note that the color of a stain can vary from one piece of wood to another. Even though we have reached the end of this five-step process, the crafting journey has just begun. Should you have any questions that have we have not addressed here, then we encourage you to contact us. One of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members will be happy to assist you. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about our family-owned and operated business, please visit our ‘About Us’ page.


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