The History and Character of Victorian Style Exterior French Doors in Canada

Victorian-style wood exterior doors remain prized for their elegance, character, and timelessness. Since gaining popularity in Canada in the late 19th century, Victorian-style entryways are still recognized as a status symbol that adds curb appeal, retains value, and communicates prosperity of the homeowners.

Below, we share some interesting history and outline the design details prevalent in Victorian-style wood exterior french doors in Canada     .

What Does Victorian-Style Mean?

“Victorian-style” refers to the combination of a variety of architectural styles popular during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). At this time in history, it was common for the British and French to name architectural styles after the reigning monarch; thus, “Victorian-style” was born.

Victorian-style homes include larger, multi-story houses with steep roofs and gables and asymmetrical designs. In addition, they typically feature large, wraparound porches and decorative trim complemented by wooden exterior doors. Multiple paint colours on Victorian-style homes were also popular during this period as colour highlighted different architectural design features on buildings.

About Victorian-Style Wood Exterior Doors

Double entry doors were prevalent in Victorian-era homes. As glass became more affordable, transoms and sidelight windows gained popularity. However, simpler Victorian-style doors without windows were still embellished with carvings, mouldings, or paint, making them a stunning and eye-catching addition to homes.

Victorian-style entry doors today are still wood constructed with a rail and stile design featuring raised panels. They commonly include two, four, or six panels and are likely to incorporate glass and decorative motifs that add character, elegance, and natural light to entryways.

Why Choose a Victorian-Style Wood Exterior French Door?

Victorian-style wood exterior doors complement older homes with existing wood accents and character. They can also elevate modern homes or office spaces for owners seeking to communicate prosperity, attention to detail, and sophistication.

Wood is still the most popular option for Victorian-style entry doors because it allows homeowners to paint or stain the door to match or enhance existing exterior features of a home, such as decorative trim, porch beams, and railings.

A front door designed in a Victorian style is an excellent choice if you seek to add or preserve character in your home, brighten your foyer, or get creative with elegant carvings or glass details. They are particularly suited to homes with porches or gabled entryways, as Victorian-style wood doors benefit from protection from the elements.

What is the Best Material for Craftsman-Style Exterior Doors?

Due to the features of craftsman-style front doors, wood is a superior material choice as it provides an authentic, classic look that complements other natural building materials like stone, wood siding, and brick. Wood also allows for easy customization of your door design, from the accent features to the paint or stain colour that appeals to you most.

Find Your Perfect Exterior French Doors in Canada

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