Here at Master Doors, our passion truly lies with solid wood doors. Crafting them has been a cherished tradition for us, from our transitional wooden doors to our wine cellar doors. If you invest in one of our exterior doors, you might be wondering about the care and maintenance of them. Given that these doors are constantly exposed to the elements, they do demand a higher level of upkeep compared to their indoor counterparts.

That’s why we’ve prepared an exterior door care guide that offers guidance on the recommended frequency of maintenance for various aspects of the door, covering everything from the finish to the hardware.

Frequent Dusting is the Key

Eliminating surface contaminants is a swift and simple method to maintain the pristine appearance of your exterior door. Additionally, it’s a wise practice to clear away any cobwebs or spiderwebs, as you wouldn’t want spiders setting up nearby, which can be rather unappealing. Furthermore, regular dusting is advisable since dust may contain particles that can harm the wood finish over time, making it essential to perform periodic wipe-downs.

How Frequently You Should Clean Your Doors

This step should be undertaken periodically, especially if you have pets or young children who are prone to spreading dirt and other substances onto your exterior doors. Consider giving your door a deep cleaning once a year, or more frequently if you believe it’s necessary.

Regardless of the type of finish on your exterior door, whether it’s urethane, oil-based, or paint, it’s important to utilize a gentle cleaner and avoid harsh cleaning agents and bleach. Aggressive cleaning ingredients can potentially harm the wood finishes. Instead, opt for a damp cloth, to clean your door.

Maintain the Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is designed to be adjustable, ensuring its longevity over the years, and eliminating the need for frequent replacements. Even if your weatherstripping isn’t adjustable, the process of removing the old material and installing a new one is relatively straightforward. You can easily determine when it requires replacement by kneeling and inspecting for any gaps between the exterior door and the threshold. If you can see sunlight shining through, it’s a clear indication that it’s time for a replacement. It’s worth noting that maintaining a tight weather seal on your exterior door can lead to cost savings by reducing your energy expenditures. Worn-down weatherstripping can permit cold air to infiltrate in winter and allow cool air to escape in summer, which can impact your heating and cooling bills.

Clean the Hinges Every Year

Annually, it’s advisable to perform maintenance on your exterior door hinges. Regularly cleaning the door hinges ensures their prolonged functionality. For a thorough cleaning, consider removing the hinges and immersing them in a suitable solution of soap and water, or vinegar if they are chrome plated. Afterward, scrub away any surface dirt using a brush. Allow the hinges to dry completely before reattaching them to both the wall and the exterior door. Well-maintained hinges will contribute to smoother door operation.

It’s recommended to lubricate hinges every two years. Depending on the hinge type you possess, you might need to take out the pin before applying the oil.

Add a Protective Overhang

In case your exterior door faces direct sunlight, we strongly advise considering the installation of a protective overhang, such as a portico, awning, or a similar covering that extends outward. This proactive measure serves to reduce direct sun exposure, thus safeguarding the exterior door’s finish and preventing the wood from experiencing excessive fading or darkening. While it’s natural for various wood species to undergo some degree of colour change over time, prolonged exposure to sunlight can result in an undesirable washed-out appearance that homeowners typically wish to avoid. To mitigate these colour shifts, it’s also advisable to employ a wood finish that includes UV protection.

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Repair Rotten Wood

Wood decay, particularly in the lower sections, is a prevalent issue encountered by numerous homeowners. In many instances, this wood rot is a consequence of moisture or water seepage originating from pipes or faucets. In such circumstances, it is prudent to first determine the root cause of the damage and rectify it before proceeding with exterior door repair or replacement. Failing to address the underlying issue may result in the recurrence of the same problem. Once the source of moisture is resolved, you can proceed with treating the wood damage, considering options such as chemical wood rot treatment.

Use Soap on the Edges

Applying soap or candle wax to the latch side of the exterior door’s edges serves to lubricate and create a weather-resistant seal on the rough surfaces.

Clean All Metal Areas

For cleaning metal components such as handles, knobs, hinges, and the like, it is recommended to utilize metal polish. Include regular cleaning with soap and water as part of your routine maintenance to prevent rust formation and preserve their original lustre.

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