When describing front doors, architect Bob Boron wrote, “Besides being the gateway to your home, it helps provide the first exclamation mark of the entry procession.” Delivering an ‘ah-ha’ experience for visitors walking through your entry door takes quality material, expert installation, and an exceptional design.

While we recommend aligning your front door design with the style of your home, the architectural guardrails are widening. We’ve compiled trends in exterior door styles and size to inspire your creativity and spur innovative front door ideas.

Trend #1: Welcome Your Guests with a Wide-Open Door

Wider front doors are becoming more popular as people look for ways to add depth and dimension to their house.  You can increase the height or width of your entryway with a single or double door.

Trend #2: Make a Warm First Impression

Wooden door designs create a feeling of warmth and connection to nature. Builders and homeowners achieve a visually appealing and engaging entrance by selecting visible wood grains, textures, or mixed wood finishes. 

Trend #3: Freshen Familiar Styles with a Twist

The classics remain relevant, but some styles, like farmhouse, are evolving from featuring simple, clear glass to decorative glass with linear lines. Traditional doors become ‘new’ by melding molded panels with sidelights or decorative glass and dark walnut or English chestnut stain.

Trend #4: Discover How Less Becomes More with Minimalist Designs

A minimalist front door adds elegance and interest to contemporary or modern-style houses. Wooden door designs featuring rich tones like European Oak or texture through etching or glass make a minimalist design a stand-out experience.

Trend #5:  Explore Asymmetry and Mix-and-Match Material

Using multiple kinds of wood like Red Oak and White Oak will create a visually beautiful exterior door. Quarter sawing the material highlights the texture and color of the natural material. A more complex pattern is possible with woods like Knotty Alder that feature burl clusters and knots.

Trend #6:  Add an Exciting Finish with Hardware

Front door hardware styles are aligning with interior fixtures, with options like black iron echoing the black matte finishes found in kitchens. Sleek, streamlined hardware is also gaining momentum.  Advancements in technology, like keyless or electronic locks, enhance convenience and security. 

To learn more about exterior door trends and explore opportunities for your home that feature versatile, durable, and sustainable wood, contact the team at Master Doors Canada. Get a quote today for an exterior door that fits your style!