During the Arts and Crafts movement, craftsman-style exterior doors gained popularity in the mid-19th century. Since then, the door style has become a timeless option prevalent in many homes and cottages in Canada. 

The craftsman-style features natural materials, attention to detail, beautiful window grids, and paint colours or stains complementing a home’s exterior. This style earned its name because wood doors were often designed and constructed by experienced woodworkers who valued fine craftsmanship, durability, and charming character. For this reason, craftsman-style doors retain their value and are perfect for adding elegant yet charming curb appeal. 

Below, we cover the elements of craftsman-style wood exterior doors and their benefits in more detail.

Design Features of Craftsman-Style Wood Exterior Doors   

When thinking about the finishes on your new exterior door, you are likely most concerned about the colour of the stain or paint on your final product. However, there is a science and art to finishing an exterior door beyond aesthetics that includes sealants and protective finishes. These are an absolute must if you want your door to last.

Failing to protect your exterior door adequately can leave your wood door susceptible to scratches, dents, swelling, cracking, fading, and visible general wear and tear that make your entryway appear unkempt. Not protecting your door will also create an environment where mould, mildew, and dirt can accumulate.


Types of Protective Finishes for Exterior Wood Doors 

Exterior entry doors in a craftsman style consist of wood materials and may include rectangular windows and grooved panels in various layouts. They typically also feature a dentil shelf (a decorative “shelf” or slightly raised carved design under the windows on the upper part of the door). They may also incorporate stylish glass that adds unique character or provides privacy.

Sidelights are also common with craftsman-style front doors, as they allow additional light to enter into a foyer. An abundance of light and airy interiors are a classic aspect of homes designed in the craftsman style.

While craftsman-style exterior wood doors do tend to follow a general layout, design can vary to fulfill a homeowner’s unique style and vision. After all, the style was born from a desire to create and take traditional style doors to a new level by adding special touches, character, and charm.

Why Choose a Craftsman-Style Wood Exterior Door?

Craftsman-style wood exterior doors are suitable for older homes or anywhere you want to add a cozy and welcoming appeal to your entryway. While craftsman-style doors were previously most popular for cottages and smaller homes, they are now commonly integrated into traditional and modern house designs.

What is the Best Material for Craftsman-Style Exterior Doors?

Due to the features of craftsman-style front doors, wood is a superior material choice as it provides an authentic, classic look that complements other natural building materials like stone, wood siding, and brick. Wood also allows for easy customization of your door design, from the accent features to the paint or stain colour that appeals to you most.

Work with a Professional at Master Doors

At Master Doors, we carry a wide variety of craftsman-style exterior wood doors and have experts available to help you find your perfect match. We also offer custom door design services if you do not see a standard model that catches your eye.

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