We love Canada but sometimes the weather can be a tad harsh. Shelter yourself from unpredictable weather conditions by choosing an exterior door for natural elements that offer both protection and curb appeal to your home. If you’re renovating your home or buying your first exterior door, do not forget to consider the natural elements when selecting the perfect exterior door in Canada. Overwhelmed with choices? Don’t worry – we have an easy guide for you!

What material should you choose? 

Fibreglass or wood? When choosing an exterior door for your home you need to consider which material will be most effective and affordable for your family in the long run. While fibreglass is a durable option, a wood door is more versatile, with classy features and affordability. 

Exterior wooden doors for cold weather 

Fiberglass is good for durability but it isn’t always the prettiest. Wood is an affordable choice when it comes down to natural elements such as heavy storms as it offers the best protection. If you want a touch of class with added protection during the harsh winter months, wooden exterior doors are your best bet. Unlike other exterior door material, they offer a beautiful wooden look and come in a variety of colors. 

Wooden doors are insulated and offer protection against the cold. It is even safe from snow and hail as its durability protects it from dents or scratches. Its energy saving advantages due to insulation from heat also makes it warm and cozy for cold days. This insulation it provides also helps you to save energy, therefore it is affordable in the long-term.  

Exterior wooden doors for summer 

Wood is also a great choice for bright and sunny Canadian summer days. You may have heard of wooden summer houses in the Caribbean? You can bring the holiday lifestyle to you 24/7 by choosing wooden professional finishing and double glazing with high insulation levels that trap cool air inside. It not only keeps your home cool but saves you money, while offering additional protection against intruders. 

Wood is the best material all year round 

Nothing beats the classics! There is really nothing better than the warmth (or coolness), comfort and elegance that comes with a beautiful wooden door. Wood doors are the most affordable choice for your home or place of business in the long term due to its durability. It is often the most commonly chosen for vintage homes because of its beautiful aesthetic. 

South-facing solid wood doors will bring in the most warmth during colder days. Wood doesn’t require much maintenance work either, with only regular touch-ups needed that can be done by you or an expert. When choosing a wood door for your exterior, be sure to consult expert wood door manufacturers for maintenance tips.

Tips when choosing a wooden door for natural elements 

When choosing a wooden door, installing doors with large panes of glass that are north-face will help you to bring sunshine and warmth to your home throughout colder winter months. It will also brighten up a dark room or add lighting to buildings that need it the most. Additional sliding doors and blind systems are also a good way to protect your home from windy conditions, rain and obstructions. 

Your door is one that should last decades. Try adding good security systems and customised solutions and designs that will increase the value of your home, as well as add to your protection. 

The best choice for exterior wood doors, Canada

When it comes to only the best for your home, consider the natural elements when selecting the perfect wood exterior door in Canada. Wood is the perfect choice for any kind of weather due to its durability. Master Doors is known for its expertly manufactured wooden doors to suit any weather, lifestyle or budget. 

Our custom designs are innovative and creative to suit your needs. We provide our customers with the door they dream of – whether it is a standard design or a one-of-a-kind custom door. Our doors are framed by a balance and symmetry, which play an important role in achieving a well-designed space. From modern doors to classic doors, there is a door for every taste.

Every year, our professional team undertakes hundreds of projects for builders, contractors, and homeowners across Canada and Toronto. Designing and manufacturing some of the world’s most beautiful hand crafted solid wood doors with our highly skilled team, we have been in the wood door business for over 10 years. This guarantees that your project receives only the care and attention to detail that you deserve. 

From exterior French doors Toronto to exterior wood doors Canada, call us today when choosing an exterior door for natural elements!