Wooden doors add character and elegance to a home that cannot be matched by other materials. Wooden front doors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and wood species at the large home improvement stores. But none of them can match the benefits and advantages of a custom-made wooden door. Here are four reasons why you should choose a custom wood front door for your home.

1. Custom doors fit perfectly

Doorways come in a variety of shapes and heights. From the standard rectangular door to rounded double-entry doors. Being made to order, your custom wood door can be manufactured to fit perfectly in any size entryway in your home.

2. Custom wood front doors look fantastic

It is difficult to beat the natural beauty found in the colour and grain you can get in a solid wood door. A custom wood door will allow you to fully design the door and select the species of wood and stain that will add to your home’s character and design.

3. Great energy efficiency

Custom doors made using solid wood acts as a natural insulator that will prevent heat loss and gain from the inside of your home to the outside. This will create a more energy-efficient home that relies less on the HVAC system and save money. When choosing a custom door, consider a thicker door to increase efficiency and long-term savings.

4. Security & Durability

Solid wood is very strong and difficult to break into. When properly treated for use as an outside door, it will provide an excellent barrier, keeping out the elements and withstanding wear and tear. A custom wood door is a solid investment that can last for decades.

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