Tips from Master Doors Canada

Wondering if it’s time to replace the entry door of your home?  Here are 7 questions to answer that will give you insights into whether it’s the right time to start shopping for a new exterior door.  

  • Does opening and closing your front door feel like a workout at the gym? If you are wrestling your entry door open and hip checking it closed, it may be warped and losing energy, signaling that it’s time to consider a replacement. 
  • Is your entryway colder than your refrigerator? Start using your favorite towels to wrap you snugly after a relaxing bath, instead of blocking the cold air drifting in under your door. A custom door designed to fit your home’s entryway will insulate you from drafts. 
  • Are you getting compliments on your ‘antique’ exterior door that’s only a few years old?  Entry doors should withstand wear and tear without cracking or looking too weathered in a short time period. A handcrafted wooden door that combines artistry with durability and functionality will get attention for all the right reasons. 
  • Do you notice a miniature garden growing in between the panes of glass?  When double-paned glass in your entry door loses its seal, moisture gets in between the panes. If you notice mold growing on your front door’s glass, it’s time to get a new door.
  • Are insects treating your exterior door like a breakfast buffet? If you see pencil-sized tubes on your front door, notice bubbling on the surface, or notice sawdust on the stoop, you may have an infestation. In addition to replacing your entry door, you may need to contact a pest control service to help remove your unwelcome visitors. 
  • Can you tell it’s a sunny day by looking at the edges of your front door? Seeing the light around the margins of your entryway door is another indicator that it’s not sealing well, and you’re losing energy and air. 
  • Does your entry door have more dings than a driving school’s car? A custom hardwood door will retain its structural integrity throughout the daily bumps of regular use. If your exterior door has multiple dents and dings, it’s time to upgrade to a well-crafted solid wood door. 

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, contact the team at Master Doors for information about exterior doors in Canada. Whether you want to explore glass entry doors, wrought iron, or wooden front doors, we’re your one-stop shop for handcrafted doors. From design support with front door ideas to manufacturing, and installation, Master Doors Canada will create an exceptional entry door for your home and deliver a remarkable experience.