If you’ve decided it’s time to change your exterior doors or have to replace one, there are a number of wood types out there to choose from that make strong, sturdy doors. Here the team of experts from Master Doors has collected some of the most popular choices and what sets them apart from other woods.

Why Choose an Exterior Door Made Out of Wood?

Before diving into the details, we wanted to discuss some of the reasons to choose a wood exterior door over other alternatives. Firstly, a solid wood door can give your home a more sophisticated and unique look. Wood is also the most sustainable and green option when it comes to building materials and offers an unmatched beauty for luxury door manufacturing.

1. Cedar

One of the leading wood species for exterior doors is cedar because it provides unique advantages like a luxuriant pine-like smell due to the resins and oil it contains. An added benefit of the fragrance is that it repels most insects, making door maintenance much easier. Also, the same oils and resins that provide cedar with its pleasant smell also enable it to withstand the elements better than other wood types.

2. Knotty Alder

Knott alder is a preferred exterior door wood by many due to its unique, knotted appearance in the wood grain. The knots are often symmetrical and can turn your exterior door into a great focal point of your home. Also, it’s versatile and can serve just as well as a strong door for a cabin in the woods, or to provide a more classic, rustic look to your modern home.

3. Mahogany

For a more antique and historical look, mahogany is the premier wood for exterior doors due to the elegance it exudes. It provides a more opulent look suited to historical homes, mansions, and even castles. Although the species originates from Brazil, many of today’s luxury homes choose this option even if it’s a slightly higher price due to the unique look it provides.

4. Oak

Last but certainly not least, oak is a tried and true wood for exterior doors that is considered one of the most beautiful hardwoods available today. It’s not commonly known but there is a variety of oak species out there perfect for hardwood doors, a classic being white oak. However, red oak also has some unique visual aspects and texture, boasting more dramatic grains than white oak making it another favorite.

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