Insights from Master Doors Canada

The advantages of a solid wood front door extend beyond beauty. 

  • Wood doors are durable, particularly with the technological advancements in wood treatment that increase density.
  • Wood doors are recyclable and often reusable.
  • A well-designed wood exterior door can increase the energy efficiency of your home.
  • Solid wood entry doors absorb sound and resist water, protecting your house.
  • The availability of several wood types can fuel your creativity for designing an entry door that reflects your taste and your home’s architectural style.

Factors Influencing Your Choice of Wood for an Entry Door

With so many wood finishes on the market, how do you decide which is suitable for your front door? 

  • First, consider the style of your home. Is it formal or rustic?
  • Then, consider your personal preferences. Are you striving for an elegant, traditional entrance or a sleek, modern design?
  • Look at the characteristics of your entryway, such as exposure to sun and weather.
  • Finally, review the other materials incorporated into your home, like cedar siding or wooden beams.

Woods that are Ideal for Exterior Doors in Canada

With the analysis of your home and your needs complete, get inspired to design your front door by reviewing the insights we’ve gathered about different types of woods.

  • Cedar. A hardwood, cedar’s natural attributes help prevent warping or shrinking. Cedar’s cinnamon-red colour has a beautiful finish, or you can apply a tinted stain to customize it.
  • Sapele. Since cedar is often expensive, Sapele wood gives you similar quality and colour – and intriguing ribboning patterns in a more cost-effective option.
  • Red Oak. The open grain of red oak provides a lovely visual texture to an exterior door and is traditional and rustic.
  • White Oak. Although the name ‘white oak’ suggests a lighter colour than red, this hardwood is often brownish-tan without the pinkish-red tones of Red Oak. White Oak has a smaller, tighter grain, giving your entry door a more uniform appearance.
  • Walnut. Often called the North American wood, walnut has a rich, chocolate brown colour and fits many home styles. Walnut wood usually has a circle or spiral patterning, giving your front door visual appeal and character.

Each of the hardwoods we’ve described is very durable, and any of the options will easily take the ‘knocks’ that an exterior door experiences, from sunshine and weather to bumps and slams.

Let’s talk about your new front door!  We’ll discuss your goals, wood grain, and colour preferences and collaborate on a design that creates a beautiful, welcoming, and lasting impression.  For more information about wooden exterior doors from Master Door, contact our team today.