When you go to a manufacturer of custom wood doors in Toronto, what doors would you want to buy and where would you put them? In particular, where should you install solid wooden doors? Here are three ideas from one of Toronto’s leading wooden door suppliers.

1. Wooden Entry Doors

The most obvious place for solid wooden doors is at your home’s entry points. Front and rear doors are best made of heavy solid wood, to provide a powerful and secure barrier, as well as a beautiful finishing touch to your home’s exterior.

2. Wooden French Doors

You can put french doors anywhere in your home – exterior or interior. You may have a patio leading out from your living room or kitchen, balconies outside your upstairs bedrooms or you might want a door separating your living room and dining room. Good, solid sliding wooden doors will work perfectly in these places.

3. Wine Cellar Doors

Another place you need solid wooden doors is in your wine cellar. Heavy, solid doors, made of the best woods and that form a close seal with the jambs and cases are non-negotiables in this area. You need a strong barrier to keep temperatures and humidity where they need to be.

Master Doors’ skilled carpenters can craft custom wood doors for all of these purposes, as well as supplying interior doors for various applications. Browse our products or contact us for more information.