With an abundance of exterior door styles, it can be challenging to decide which will work best for your home or office space. You likely want to choose something that matches your style and complements the existing design of your building while also ensuring you make an investment that adds value and curb appeal to your property.

It is common to feel overwhelmed by all the options or to know what you like when you see it while not knowing which type of door to request. Our blog post below will help you identify and understand the key differences between popular styles of exterior doors. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern style, we’re confident you will find something that suits your taste and checks off all your “must-have” boxes.

Traditional, Modern, or Vintage

The most popular styles of exterior doors typically fall into three categories: traditional, modern, and vintage. Determining which of these three styles, or aspects of these styles you like most will help you narrow down your search for your perfect front door.

Traditional Front Doors

Traditional entry doors tend to be classic, elegant, and timeless. They may be simple or incorporate unique grooved features or transom and sidelight windows in various layouts and glass options.

Traditional doors are suitable for larger homes or buildings where you would like to add elegance, showcase pride in ownership, and make a stunning statement inside and out.

Modern Front Doors

The modern style offers you the opportunity to show off your personal style and add a trendy appeal to your home or office. Whether you want unique window placement, geometric designs, or a fully customized style that matches your vision, modern styles provide unlimited options.

Modern front doors are suitable if you like clean lines and a simplistic yet impactful entryway. They complement newer homes and office buildings while adding light or privacy to your space.

Vintage Doors

Vintage doors radiate character and create a welcoming first impression for your guests. Like traditional and modern styles, they can be simplistic or ornate depending on the model you select or design. They can also include transom and sidelight windows in various glass styles.

Vintage styles may include refurbished antique doors reminiscent of old country homes or incorporate accents or details that were common in past decades. Vintage-style doors are often incorporated into older homes or utilized to add cozy or unique character or complement other interior and exterior design elements.


Find Your Perfect Match with Master Doors

At Master Doors, we carry a wide variety of traditional, modern, and vintage entry doors. We also offer custom design options, allowing you to choose your style, wood type, window layout, hardware, and stain or paint options.

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