Among the different types of doors that are available, custom wooden doors are the most popular choice due to their versatility, durability, and elegance. There are many different shapes and styles that custom wooden doors can have, and with a custom door, you are limited only by your own creativity. Here we look at some shapes and styles that can create a unique and custom wooden door design for your home.

Panel doors 

Panel doors often have 4, 6, or 8-panel configurations. They feature smooth, framed sections that surround deep, embossed panels which could be wood or feature a decorative windowpane. Panels can be of a variety of shapes from rectangular to curved and designed to match the shape of the entryway.

Arched doors 

Arched doors can add a unique look to your home. Its characteristic curved top can be of various shapes form a rounded, circular top, to the more distinct and sharp look of a gothic arch. Arched doors can also be found with panels to create a more decorative look.

Decorative carved-wood doors 

Custom carved wooden doors are a strong display of elegance and luxury. Using custom iron hardware on the handles will complete the door and give your guests a preview of the stylish interior that awaits them inside.

Fully customized doors 

When it comes to having a truly unique custom wooden door, nothing beats fully customized. Master Doors is known for expertly manufactured wooden doors that are custom built to suit any weather, lifestyle, or budget. We can customize every part of the door from top to bottom so bring in your own door or iron hardware design and we will craft your custom door.

For over ten years, the highly skilled team at Master Doors has been designing and manufacturing some of the world’s most beautiful, handcrafted, solid wooden doors. We have built a strong reputation with our one-of-a-kind custom exterior, interior, and wine cellar doorsContact us today when choosing a custom wooden door for your home.