Exposure to the elements is crucial when selecting an exterior wood door in Canada with our four-season climate. Of course, you would like your front door to look stunning, but you also want to ensure it keeps your family and entryway safe and dry for many years to come. 

While we cannot avoid high heat, humidity, UV exposure, heavy rain, windy conditions, and snow in Canada, there are ways to protect your wood exterior door from harsh elements. Options include exterior door finishes such as oil-based paints and oil-based polyurethane coatings. 

Below, we explain more about protecting your investment and keeping your front door fresh with durable and beautiful finishes.

Why Exterior Door Finishes are Essential   

When thinking about the finishes on your new exterior door, you are likely most concerned about the colour of the stain or paint on your final product. However, there is a science and art to finishing an exterior door beyond aesthetics that includes sealants and protective finishes. These are an absolute must if you want your door to last.

Failing to protect your exterior door adequately can leave your wood door susceptible to scratches, dents, swelling, cracking, fading, and visible general wear and tear that make your entryway appear unkempt. Not protecting your door will also create an environment where mould, mildew, and dirt can accumulate.


Types of Protective Finishes for Exterior Wood Doors 

The most popular protective finishes for exterior wood doors are oil-based paints (paired with a clear coat) or Oil-based stain and polyurethanes. Oil-based products are superior to water-based products as they create a barrier resistant to water and humidity while also producing a durable, rich finish.

Oil-based Paints  

If you love the look of a colourful door, oil-based paint will be your best option. Oil-based paint creates a barrier while also blocking out UV-rays. In addition, oil-based paint is more resistant to extreme cold and fluctuations in temperature.

Pairing oil-based paint with a clear coat will further protect your investment and help increase the strength of your wood door. However, while oil-based finishes will extend your door’s life, they need to be maintained every few years to remain vibrant.

Oil-based Stain and Polyurethanes 

Oil-based stain and polyurethanes are popular finishes for exterior wood doors because they are hardy and moisture-resistant and prevent scratches and dents. They are suitable for preserving the natural or stained colour of wood doors because they offer a transparent finish. Like oil-based paint finishes, polyurethanes also must be maintained every few years.


Work With a Professional at Master Doors 

At Master Doors, we are experts in exterior wood doors, and we carry a wide variety of wood species suitable for exterior doors. Our team will work with you to ensure you select finishes that protect your investment and make it last for years to come. 

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