Next to style and security, insulation will be the most important consideration when buying exterior doors. Doors must not only act as a security barrier, they must also provide effective protection against the elements, keeping your home warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and conserving energy. Whether making interior, exterior, modern or traditional doors, Master Doors excels at maximizing energy efficiency and insulation.

Turning exterior doors into energy-efficient barriers

Given the extreme weather conditions that are part of life here in Canada, it is imperative for both our comfort and our energy costs that our doors act as an effective two-way barrier, working with our HVAC systems to maintain the temperatures we want indoors, while keeping the external elements at bay. Even doors made out of the strongest materials with low U-factors (the rate at which a door conducts heat) will not be effective in this regard if they don’t seal properly, which makes proper sealing one of the most important aspects of door design and construction.

We ensure that our measurements are extremely precise, both when it comes to the door’s fit in the frame, and the fit of the frame in the wall. For this reason, we supply each door as a unit with its own custom-made frame and will not fit a door to an existing frame. In this way, we can be sure that each door is perfectly matched to its frame and fits flush against it, sealing off any possible gaps. Since we make each door to measure, we can also make sure that there is no gap at the bottom of the door. With a door that is tailor-made for the space, and fitted to its own frame, we guarantee doors that act as perfectly sealed barriers against the elements.

At Master Doors, we create custom-made interior and exterior doors that are secure, perfectly sealed, durable and stylish. Contact us for more information.