You just invested in a beautiful custom front door and want to keep it looking like this for as long as possible. After all, you have already spent so much time and effort into selecting just the right wood and design for you. The front door is generally exposed to outside elements, environment, and daily wear and tear. Your door’s lifespan greatly depends on the care you give it. To preserve and protect your investment, we have listed some cleaning and maintenance tips.

Clean your door frequently 

How often you decide to clean your front door will depend on a few elements like harsh weather conditions, children with dirty little fingers, or animals. If even one of these applies to you, you might need to clean your door at least once a month. Add cleaning your front door to your monthly house spring clean plan. Below you can find some dos and don’ts for cleaning your doors. 


  • When disinfecting your door handles only use a gentle soap. 
  • It is advised to varnish your doors every 1-2 years, depending on your location. Also keep in mind which way your house is facing, if your doors often get direct sunlight you need to varnish it more regularly as it is exposed and loses the lacquer protection.
  • Wooden doors are like your skin, if it feels dry it needs lotion AKA varnish.
  • Small scratches on your door are inevitable if the scratch is not too deep to use a wood stain marker to cover it.
  • Regularly inspect your doors for any damage in the clear coat varnish, the weather stripping and the sweeper. 


  • The wooden parts of the door should not get in contact with any chemicals, instead, use a little water and a soft cloth to wipe down.  Any harsh chemicals will damage the wood and the varnish of your door. 
  • Our door hinges are of high quality and don’t need any oiling. If you find that your hinges are not working properly give us a call.  

Any marks that cannot be removed with water needs to be repaired, contact us for assistance. 

Let us install your custom wood door 

With a large variety of wooden front doors in Canada, you can easily create your desired look. If you can’t find something that appeals to you, then you can create your custom, one-of-a-kind door. With so many choices to choose from, why look any further? Browse through our website for the latest elegant styles available for your picking.

Our team is ever ready to assist you with your inquiries. Do get in touch with us today or request a free quote and our staff will provide on-site free consultation for your project.