Your wine collection is a thing of beauty, something you will appreciate and be proud of for years to come, and the same should be true of your wine storage. Whether you’re a big-time collector stashing a few hundred bottles or a small collector that only wants to store a few bottles, here are our top tips for creating your perfect home wine cellar.

1. Temperature control 

No matter how long you are planning on storing your wine, you want to control the temperature and humidity to protect your wine until the moment you open it. 

You can control the temperature and humidity with a unit like the Wine mate. Wine-Mate’s Split Cooling Units are known for their efficiency and longevity. Each unit is designed to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity in spaces where proper ventilation is not feasible. If you don’t have an underground wine lair or a basement with the right temperature, invest in a wine fridge or a temperature-controlled wine cellar, depending on the size of your collection. 

2. Consider your collection 

Size is critical when it comes to wine storage, and you’ll want to have enough space to accommodate a growing collection vs. maxing out wine racks instantly. Be sure to leave room for at least 30% growth, so if you have a couple of cases on hand, plan to store at least an additional half case. 

3. Portable or built-in wine storage

If you’re renting, or not sure how long you will be staying in your current residence, going with a portable cellar will be your best option. However, built-in wine storage, whether it’s a wine fridge, wine cellar, or custom wine room, is an investment with a good return when it’s time to sell. 

4. Express your style 

It is vital that you adore your investment. Designing a wine cellar that suits your style and fits effortlessly into your home means you’ll keep it for much longer. Whether you’re matching the new with the existing or creating a unique piece of furniture that doubles wine storage, make sure it suits “you”.

5. Custom design your cellar door 

For something truly unique, design your statement cellar door. Functionality is an essential element to consider for your wine cellar door. The design of the entryway should complement the overall style of your home and the wine cellar. If you have a wine room, you may want a glass door to create a beautiful view of your wine storage area that flows seamlessly with home décor

If you find yourself short of wine cellar door ideas and would like some help to select the right cellar door designs for you, feel free to contact us. Our staff will be happy to come over to your premises, examine your entrance area and offer some ideas and a quotation – free of charge. Master Doors is a leading supplier of quality solid wooden doors in Toronto. Browse our range of exterior and interior doors, or contact us for more information.