Tips from Master Doors Canada

Your front door is the centrepiece of your home’s exterior. It draws attention, and when designed to reflect your style and personality, a custom door can make a welcoming entry for visitors. As a leading manufacturer of exterior doors in Canada, Master Doors has compiled ideas to guide your design process.


Principles of Design for Entry Doors

When making decisions about your front door, consider the following design concepts to enhance your home:

  • Symmetry: If your house has a traditional, centred entryway, adding decorative door lights expands the sense of balance.
  • Depth: Colour is a helpful tactic for adding depth to your exterior door, especially if the entry is flat, asymmetric, or not classically proportioned. A rich dark wood or pop of colour establishes the front door as a destination point.
  • Direction: A wood entry door can complement and balance the lines of your house. For example, with a modern home design, a sleek dark wood door can lead the eye upward and contrast the horizontal planes of a second story.
  • Width: Wider doors can bring a feeling of luxury to your house but may need a skylight or sidelights to create a sense of proportion and context.
  • Harmony: Panels can add visual texture to custom doors. You can achieve harmony with an even or odd number of boards when balanced across the length or width of the door.


Additional Design Considerations for Exterior Doors

Other factors affecting front door designs include:

  • The location of your home: If your entry door faces south or west with more exposure to sun and wind, you may want to invest in a harder wood like oak or Mahogany. Using lighter stains like pecan will reduce heat retention that can affect the wood.
  • Your desired durability and security: Solid wood doors made of red oak, white oak or mahogany provide a strong barrier that protects your home and can last up to 30 years with routine maintenance.
  • Artistic details: Adding wrought iron to glass decorative door lights can add movement and artistry to your entry door. Attractive hardware, including hinges and door locks, will complement the door’s texture, colour, and design.


Choosing an Entry Door Manufacturer with Design Expertise

Creating custom doors requires design and manufacturing skills as well as sound knowledge of woods and glass materials. At Master Doors, Canada, our process begins with a conversation about your design ideas and a review of your home’s style and entryway. We’ll collaborate with you to build the door that meets your expectations and transforms your house into a welcoming home.

Here are a few front door design ideas to inspire you. Contact our team at (905) 597-9011 for your free quote when you’re ready to discuss your project.