In simplest terms, contemporary design means what is popular at this specific moment in time. For home décor and architecture, the contemporary style is sleek and thoughtful and draws on designs and features that are minimal but aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. If you’re looking to outfit your home in a contemporary style, we have a few tips to ensure that you’re selecting the right type of solid wood door to help along your overall aesthetics.

In this post, we highlight more about the different door design features that will help bring together your contemporary home style.  

Features of a Contemporary Home

So, what exactly does the contemporary home design look like? Well, contemporary style is the marriage of form and function. Clutter and maximalist décor are not characteristics of contemporary design, where the overall interior and exterior can be categorized as both convenient and comfortable. With a contemporary design, there is a strong emphasis on asymmetrical exteriors, geometric shapes, large windows, and mixed materials such as wood and stone. Contemporary interiors and furniture showcase a mix between the clean lines and simplicity of modern style as well as aspects of art-deco and post-modernist designs to add some uniqueness and character. If you’re searching for the best type of door to add to this type of overall aesthetic, make sure you’re taking into account the following:

1. Open Concept

The notion of an open-concept floor plan is particularly trendy right now within the sphere of contemporary home design. Having an open-concept layout can help smaller spaces feel large and airy. If you’re looking for doors to help outfit your space, check out barn-style solid wood doors which can be easily rolled to the side and stay open for the most part, or utilized in case the privacy is needed. This type of door will also add some unique character to the room. French doors are also a good bet for open-concept layouts as they continue to let light into the room and the glass minimizes the feeling of enclosure. 

2. Lines and Simplicity

Another characteristic of contemporary design is smooth and clean lines. Doors that have intricate or flashy features or colors, while interesting, might clash with the overall simple and elegant contemporary aesthetics. If you’re looking for the unique character yet elegance, check outdoors with visible wood graining or geometric wood patterns- this will showcase a warm yet elegant vibe. 

3. Plenty of Light

Contemporary design also works to showcase well-lit interiors full of natural lighting. This means that windows are king, and there are many doors that are well-equipped to bring in more natural light. If you’re concerned about privacy, perhaps investigate textured or shaded glass which will still let light in but prevent people from being able to see inside clearly. 

4. Unique Charm

The final element of contemporary design to consider is adding a bit of pop and unique charm to your simple styles. If you find you have a room erring more on the side of minimal without any exciting attention-grabbing features, consider adding a door with some textured wood grain or with a colored trim to help bring some unique yet understated charm into the space. 

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