There are few things more elegant, and that brings more light and “flow” to a home than custom French doors. If you think about it, there are two ways to look at a door. It either shuts off the flow between two spaces or it connects them, allowing light, people and energy to move between them. The beauty of French doors is that they transcend that dichotomy. Whether open or closed, they still give an impression of flow and openness, as natural light is allowed through and different rooms and areas are visibly interconnected.

Beauty and Light

Modern French doors, especially those crafted from wood, simply bring a touch of eye-pleasing elegance to a home. When you install exterior double French doors, you allow a permanent opening for the inflow of light, keeping your home interior bright and sunny. You can enhance this feel by opting for interior French doors as well. Placing these doors on the inside of the home gives that feeling of interconnectedness and flow that we mentioned earlier. 

Endless Variation: Wood and Glass

The really beautiful thing about French doors is that they are highly customizable and can be designed to look just right in any home. You can choose the kind of wood you want, paying attention to colour and grain patterns. You can also choose how you want the doors glazed, for instance, you may want to opt for ordinary transparent panes or something more elaborate with stained-glass designs. It’s entirely up to you. 

Master Doors can help you perfect that flow within and throughout your home with custom French doors designed to suit your style and needs. Contact us and let us show you our limitless range of French door designs. Our team is happy to come to your premises and offer a free on-site assessment of your requirements.