When it comes to exterior doors, there’s certainly no shortage of materials and designs for modern homeowners to choose from. However, for those who want a more classic look or ornate designs, luxury solid wood doors remain at the forefront. That’s why here, the professionals from Master Doors have collected a list of some of the most popular solid wood door materials on the market today.

Below are just a few of the most popular luxury wood doors available.

1. Poplar

One old-time favorite for solid wood doors is poplar, which is durable as well as aesthetically appealing. It boasts a sleek, smooth grain pattern making it a perfect choice for more modern door styles. Its hue is yellowish and greenish, providing a finished look without the need for staining. However, since it does lack knots, it’s also the perfect solid wood to paint over for those who want more intricate designs.

2. Knotty Alder

This type of wood is a popular choice for luxury solid wood doors due to the beautiful knots in the wood, that provide a rustic feel and can be quite charming to the eye. It’s commonly referred to as “the best wood” when it comes to solid wood door manufacturing due to its durability and weather resistance. Additionally, it has a peachy and yellow hue that provides a classic look and is perfect for everything from homes and cottages to barn doors.

3. Red Oak

Another solid wood door favorite, red oak boasts a medium-brown appearance with subtle reddish hues and undertones, creating a focal piece out of your exterior solid wood door. It’s shock-resistant and holds up extremely well under adverse weather conditions and also has a very attractive wood grain. For doors that look more rugged and traditional, red oak is a great option. In addition to solid wood doors, red oak is often used to fashion furniture like tables, desks, cabinets, and more.

4. Cedar

Cedar is a popular choice when it comes to creating exterior wood doors because of its aromatic qualities, which are pleasant to humans but actually repel insects, making it easier to maintain your door. Additionally, it is weather-resistant and won’t shrink or warp when the seasons change.

5. Cherry

With an eye-catching, deep reddish-brown hue, cherry wood delivers a great aesthetic appeal in addition to a smooth texture and straight grain. Many choose to leave their exterior wood door as is, however, cherry wood can also be easily stained or coated to improve its longevity and deepen its color.

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