What makes the perfect set of wine cellar doors? These are doors that prevent temperature fluctuations and keep humidity at the proper levels, which are the two key factors that affect the quality of your wine. You also want your doors to be beautiful though – the type of doors that will suit your style and that of your home. Master Doors excels in crafting doors that fit all of these criteria.

Custom Wood Doors in Toronto

Master Doors crafts custom wine cellar doors to order for customers in Toronto. We primarily work with 1 ¾” or 2 ¼” thickness, featuring wooden jambs and casings. We collaborate with you to create doors that are unique to you and that will complement your style and that of your home as a whole.

Your door needs to create a tight seal. So, we work hard to make sure that doors and jambs fit each other like gloves. This requires not only high levels of workmanship, but also the best materials. We use wood species such as red and white oak, mahogany, walnut and more. Your doors can have a relatively simple design or you may choose to add wooden, steel or iron adornments of your choice.

Keep your wine safe and preserved, while also adding a unique element to your house. We create both solid wood, and wood-and-glass doors for wine cellars. We have a long and respectable history as a provider of wine cellar doors. Contact Master Doors for a free quote and to start designing your door today.