Selecting your perfect entry door can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are many decisions to make, including the style, wood species, glass layouts, stains, and finishes of your front door. Yet, in all the excitement of visualizing and planning, you may have forgotten about the final design choices that tie everything together – your entry door handles. 

The door handle you choose should complement your new exterior door and suit the style of your home or office building. Luckily, there are abundant options available for door hardware, trims, knobs, levers, and finishes. 

Below, we highlight the main elements of door handles and provide tips on how to choose styles that elevate the appearance of your traditional or modern front door. 

Key Elements of Entry Door Handles

When choosing your entry door handles, you must consider a few essential elements of traditional and modern hardware designs. These elements include trim, knobs, levers, and the finish of your hardware. 

Which styles and combinations you choose will depend on what appeals most to you but understanding the basics can help you in your search for the best door hardware options.  


Door handle trim is the simple or ornate plate that frames your doorknob or door lever. Trim is available in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes. Your trim should complement the style and colour of your entry door and enhance other design elements of your home or office entryway and exterior. 

Knobs and Lever Handles 

You are aware of knobs and lever handles required for your door, but you may be surprised at the variety of design options available for these often underappreciated elements of entry doors. Knobs can be any shape and size with simplistic or elegant details. Levers also offer a range of options to suit both traditional and modern style front doors.  

Hardware Finishes 

Hardware finishes describe the colour of an entry door’s trim and the doorknob or lever. Standard finishes often include matte, polished, or antiqued black, nickel, brass, bronze, and stainless steel. 

Choosing Handles for Traditional Entry Doors 

Traditional front doors typically exude a timeless, elegant, and classic appeal. The conventional style often includes grooved accents or craftsman-style character, but traditional entry doors may also be simplistic in appearance. 

To match hardware to this door style, consider opting for an ornate trim plate or a trim option that provides subtle yet classic details. A simple knob or a lever with elegant curves will complement your trim and the overall design of your door. Finally, opt for an aged bronze or antique brass finish to tie the traditional look together.      

Choosing Handles for Modern Entry Doors 

Modern style entry doors often feature clean lines or geometric designs that are simple yet impactful. With this style, the options for hardware tend to be as unique as the front door itself. Simple doorknobs and levers complement the modern style well, but you can also choose to get creative with more trendy options available on the market. 

Hardware finishes in a modern style vary widely and depend on the other design choices you make for your exterior door. Consider matte black, stainless steel, nickel, or chrome hardware to add to the appeal of your modern aesthetic. 

Find Your Perfect Door Handle Combination with Master Doors 

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