When a realtor or home builder talks about the ‘curb appeal’ of your home, they may mention landscaping, architectural roofing, or a new deck. Your front door, while not taking up as much visual space as your deck, is an integral and valuable element of your home. Would it surprise you to learn that investing in a new exterior door delivers a higher return than other home improvements? A recent report about remodelling projects shows an entry door has a return on investment (ROI) of 69%, more than a bath remodel, a roof replacement, or a new deck. Choosing an entry door that improves the value of your home involves an understanding of your style, current trends, and available options.

What’s Your Style?

The front door of your house should complement the exterior appearance and align with your style.  Several architectural designs are available with custom doors, including:

  • Traditional, which often have multiple raised panels to add dimension and may feature glass inserts.
  • Modern that highlights straight, clean lines and could incorporate blocks of glass.
  • Craftsman, a style that reflects simplicity, functionality, and natural materials.
  • Rustic, with bulkier, thicker frames and hardware.

And style extends to shape, so if curves have more appeal for your home than straight lines, consider arched entry doors, which come in most architectural frameworks.

Tapping into Current Trends

Exterior doors that add value to your home share several characteristics. They offer:

  • Energy efficiency through high-quality construction.
  • Natural beauty and durability, lasting as long as the foundational elements of your home.
  • Available in a range of colours and styles to offer versatility and choice.

Understanding Options for Custom Entry Doors

You have several materials to consider for your front doors, such as steel, fiberglass, and wood.

  • Steel doors deliver energy efficiency through foam core insulation and need minimal maintenance. The metal requires painting which gives you the opportunity to pick a colour, but the material can scratch or chip.
  • Fiberglass exterior doors offer durability and provide robust insulation. Surface designs can deliver a stained or painted appearance. The material is difficult to trim, making fiberglass doors less suitable for non-standard entryways.
  • Wooden front doors provide a natural, luxurious appearance that’s durable and energy efficient. With a variety of woods available that are easy to paint or stain, you can design a door that matches your home’s architectural style and your vision.

If you’re ready to add value to your home, contact our team to discuss front door ideas. We’ll explore your style, review your home’s architecture, and help design a custom entry door that meets your needs.