A door is not just a door! It is an entry to a new world of possibilities. When choosing exterior doors for your home, you need to consider more than just basic materials and knobs. Whether you want to be bold and unique to historical and classy, there are so many exterior doors’ functional and beautification accessories available to you. Don’t know where to start? That’s okay – we have a step-by-step buyer’s guide to buying accessories for exterior doors!

External door handles

External door handles like doorknobs make a beautiful and versatile upgrade to any door. They come in a variety of lever and knob options. Add some sophistication and ease of access by choosing door handles with no visible fasteners or a steel brass.

Decorative side plates

Decorative side plates add an elegant look to any door. Perfect for vintage homes or buildings with classy features, they are constructed with high-quality materials and come in a range of modern designs. Available in material such as bronze, chrome, or nickel, side plates offer security and style.

Stainless steel accessories

Personalize and add a unique, warm touch to your home by adding stainless steel accessories to your exterior door. These include door signs, door letters, house numbers, push plates, mailboxes, door peepholes, doorbell buttons, and much more! With so many options available, you have an array of stunning designs, colors, and styles to take your exterior door from drab to fab.

Door chains

Door chains are practical and beautiful. It creates an elegant tone for your home while being an extra cautionary mechanism for your safety. Door chains come in a wide range of styles as the perfect fitting to any exterior door.

Door hinges

A stainless steel door hinge is an artistic way to add some stability to your exterior door. They are available in a range of decorative styles to complement your home. When choosing a door hinge, go for lightweight hinges that are easily removable and resistant to rust.

Track systems

Sliding door track systems add extra sparkle and versatility to any room. They also add space to a room and a touch of modernity. Sliding door hardware includes stainless hangers, pocket door tracks, and heavy-duty door track systems.

Keying accessories

Be unique and add keying accessories to your external door that brings out the beauty of your home or commercial property. These accessories come in timeless designs and are suitable for modern and vintage doors.

Transform your exterior door with only the best accessories

Choosing an exterior door and the accessories that go with it can be quite exciting but without the right help, you may risk getting way more than you bargained for, comprise the look of your property, and waste precious time and money. This is why you need a manufacturer and expert advice at your disposal. If you’re looking for exterior French doors – Toronto, exterior wood doors – Canada, solid oak doors, or anything in between, Master Doors has the wood door manufacturers for you. Our experts provide customized designs and go beyond the call of duty to ensure that your home, property, or commercial area has only the highest quality doors and accessories. Our wood door manufacturers have been in the industry for over a decade, so you know you are in good hands with only the leading authorized dealers.

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